Avena's confidential waste disposal services protect the reputations and identities of individuals across the UK.

The Avena ethos is all about our clients, our processes and our integrity. Our aim is to ensure that all of our customers receive 5-star service, driven through innovation and knowledge sharing of ideas around security and sustainability.

Vision and Values


Our mission is to be the trusted security partner, providing sustainable and individually tailored solutions for confidential waste disposal. Our Securall® process shares knowledge and expertise that protect your business from data breaches, fines, and identity theft. Safeguarding society and intellectual property.

We protect your business so that you can secure your future.


• Trust – A team built on the speed of trust
• Kaizen – It’s continuous improvement every day
• Integrity – At the foundation of what we do
• Honesty & Openness – the leading influence in any transaction
• Forward Thinking – a culture of development and planning ahead


Avena will become a trusted partner for the protection of your brand, providing convenient, controlled and compliant systems that drive for security and environmental sustainability.


• Personal Service
• Environmental Sustainability
• Guaranteed Security for all our Clients

Our Ethos

Our ethos is all about our clients, our processes, and our integrity. Our aim is to ensure that all our clients receive an excellent service, driven through innovation, knowledge, and the sharing of ideas around security and sustainability.

Avena’s comprehensive abilities and understanding of complete security and integrity practice ensure the protection of your business and clients.

Our business is about protection. Protecting you, your business, your brand, your assets, and your clients. The world today is driven by technology making it easier for fraudsters to undertake sophisticated data and security breaches. Ultimately, it comes down to the awareness and attitude towards the protection of the items that are of value to organisations and individuals.

Often it is the security and data breaches that become the most costly expense to the business and the individuals concerned.

"From the outset, Avena have been professional, friendly and efficient. Their turnaround from our initial enquiry to having our console delivered was impressive. Avena have delivered everything they promised, we would highly recommend their confidential waste disposal service" - Simon Farquhar & Associates Ltd



While security and confidential data shredding is our main focus, we take great pride in continually working towards enhancing the value of your brand through sustainability. All our working procedures are designed to help positively contribute to our environment.

Having met the ISO14001 requirements, we work closely alongside ISO auditors to ensure that we can prove positive environmental management structure and procedures are in place for the organisation. With our highly efficient custom-built shredding machinery, you can be assured that we are constantly working to improve our environmental sustainability.


We take security seriously at Avena and we are always looking to improve our systems to ensure we are always providing the most secure service. We perform comprehensive BS7858 security vetting DBS checks on all our customer service representatives. Our customer service representatives will arrive at your office in an unmarked vehicle fully installed with 24/7 CCTV.

We have actively chosen not to brand our vehicles as we do not want the public to know that an Avena vehicle is transporting confidential information. All our vehicles are fully installed with CCTV and live satellite tracking. When our customer service representatives conduct the service at your office to collect your confidential data, they will securely remove it from the Securall® units and zip tie the information to ensure that the materials remain completely safe whilst in transit. For ultra-high security, we can provide witnessed and on-site shredding.

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