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Avena Expands Secure Destruction & Recycling Operations in Scotland

Companies in Scotland can now enjoy enhanced secure destruction and recycling services, following a recent acquisition by Avena Group.

A recent acquisition has enabled Avena Group to expand its comprehensive, three-pronged approach to secure destruction and recycling in Scotland. Avena has already developed a well-earned reputation for listening to its clients, developing services that provide the confidentiality and data security of sensitive information, protect brand value, prevent impersonation and tackle counterfeiting.

Committed to a ‘zero waste-to-landfill’ policy, Avena also maximises waste material recycling, with paper and fabrics being converted into new materials or sustainably repurposed to manufacture other products.

Maintaining a Presence in Scotland

The acquisition has retained both the depot and staff in Scotland, where Avena will be able to expand and develop its operations in Scotland and the North of England, both for its existing clients and the new clients who it will continue to support.

What Current Avena Clients Will Enjoy

By establishing operations in Scotland and increasing its Scottish customer base, Avena will be making more frequent collections. As a result, current clients in the region will be able to schedule their waste management operations more effectively. Some will soon experience our textile and IT hardware destruction and recycling services for the first time.

What New Avena Clients Will Enjoy

Companies that are transferred to Avena Group as a result of the acquisition will immediately enjoy the benefits of the Avena approach; highly secure, professional and sustainable destruction and recycling of paper-based documents, fabrics and workwear, and electronic media storage components and devices.

If you are a new Avena client as a result of the acquisition or are interested in finding out more about our expanding operations, contact us at 0845 5219 892 or fill in our online contact form and a support team member will contact you within 24 hours.


Avena’s Secure Destruction & Recycling Services

Avena Group provides secure destruction and recycling in three key areas of business:

  • GDPR-compliant shredding of paper-based documents; creating high-quality unmixed paper waste for recycling
  • Secure destruction of branded workwear, uniform and fabrics; creating fibres that can be re-spun into new yarn or incorporated in a range of further life products.
  • Secure, WEEE-compliant destruction and recycling of electronic equipment; protecting sensitive information held in data storage components, recycling valuable minerals and materials, and preventing hazardous substances from polluting landfill sites.

Avena clients represent a wide range of sectors including legal, financial, educational, security, construction and fashion, but any company that wants the peace of mind that comes from knowing that they, their customers and the public are protected against crime while contributing towards a sustainable economy is a potential Avena client.


We look forward to welcoming more Scottish based businesses and sites to Avena Group.


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