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Avena Group Acquires Assured Security Shredding – Blog & FAQ

Avena Group Acquires Assured Security Shredding

We are proud to announce the Acquisition of Assured Security Shredding on Thursday 31st August 2023. It marks a milestone in the growth of Avena group and an exciting new chapter for Assured Security Shredding.

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“We are excited to announce the acquisition of Assured Security Shredding Ltd as another strategic milestone in the growth of The Avena Group, this deal will allow for more efficient operations in the London and South-West UK areas, whilst providing a further operating base to accommodate strong company growth into the future.”


Question & Answer

In this blog post we look to answer questions around the acquisition, rest assured further updates will be published in the coming weeks and months.

Why is the acquisition taking place?

The acquisition will enhance operational efficiency in the London and South-West UK regions, while also establishing an additional operational hub to support the company’s robust future expansion.

What benefits or synergies are expected from the acquisition?

With our operations now also strategically based within easy reach of both London and the Midlands we will see tangible reductions in fuel consumption and carbon emissions, leading to efficiencies we can pass on to customers, and a closer alignment with our CSR goals.

How will the integration of the two companies be managed?

Business will continue to run with existing staff but will benefit from the backing and efficiencies of being part of a larger national group.

Will there be changes in leadership positions?

Terry Prickett (MD of Assured) will continue be a key part of the London operation for the foreseeable future, backed by a Nationwide Operations team.

“We will continue to operate with our existing staff but coming from a stronger position as part of a larger national group.” – Terry Prickett, Assured Security Shredding.

How will the acquisition affect existing customers?

As Assured Security customers’ accounts transition to Avena Group, they can expect to maintain the same high service standards they are accustomed to. Additionally, they will have access to a dedicated Customer Care team available for support whenever needed.

About Avena Group

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Avena has solidified a significant presence in the paper shredding and recycling industry through its innovative SECURALL® service,

providing secure and environmentally responsible data destruction compliant with GDPR and ISO 14001 standards. This comprehensive offering is complemented by their SECURETECH® IT and media destruction as well as SECUREBRAND® textile destruction and recycling services.

Assured Security seamlessly aligns with Avena Group’s expansion strategy. Both companies boast ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditation, employ security-vetted personnel in uniform, and operate a fleet of real-time satellite-tracked vehicles to ensure the utmost document confidentiality and security during transit. Furthermore, they share a common dedication to delivering exceptional customer service and a forward-thinking approach to addressing the challenges of information management and security in the years ahead.

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