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Beyond the Surface: The Dangers of Leachate in Landfills

Lechate Blog Post

This blog explores the dangers of leachate and PFAs, highlighting their impact on water quality and the environment. It also discusses how Avena’s secure and sustainable solutions can help mitigate these environmental dangers.   What is Leachate?  Leachate is primarily formed by water percolating through solid waste deposited in a landfill site. Chemicals and constituents […]

Avena Expands Secure Destruction & Recycling Operations in Scotland

Avena Expands Operations in Scotland blog web

Companies in Scotland can now enjoy enhanced secure destruction and recycling services, following a recent acquisition by Avena Group. A recent acquisition has enabled Avena Group to expand its comprehensive, three-pronged approach to secure destruction and recycling in Scotland. Avena has already developed a well-earned reputation for listening to its clients, developing services that provide […]

Why Certified Destruction & Recycling is Worth Every Penny

Why Certified Destruction Recycling is Worth Every Penny Blog

How much does secure destruction and recycling of documents, textiles, IT and media cost? What are the benefits of using a certified recycling company? Most UK businesses have a legal obligation to dispose of waste products sustainably and responsibly. This can range from paper-based documents or electronic data storage components that hold sensitive personal information […]

Sustainability & ESG: Do Consumers Care?

esg sustainability blog image web

Are Sustainability and ESG concepts that are being foisted on corporate management by a vocal minority, or do consumers genuinely care about these issues? In an era where environmental concerns and ethical considerations are gaining momentum, the corporate landscape is witnessing a paradigm shift towards sustainability and ESG (environmental, social and governance) practices. Companies are […]

Northern – Case Study

Northern cover case study web

The Challenge With a workforce exceeding 7,000 employees, Northern faced a growing concern regarding the disposal of end-of-life uniforms. With rebrands, wear and tear and size changes contributing to a significant number of branded garments being discarded, Northern recognised the urgency to address this issue. Driven by sustainability goals and a commitment to carbon reduction, […]

Rail Operator Northern Gets Sustainability On Track With Avena

Northern web blog image

Northern Railway uses security & recycling specialist Avena to process 10,000+ KG of end-of-life uniform & workwear securely and sustainably. As the second largest train operator in the UK, Northern purchases large volumes of workwear, with tens of thousands of garments being worn by its personnel at any one time. Due to staff turnover and […]

Royal Warrant Holder Entrusts Textile Waste To Avena

samuel brothers blog image web

Samuel Brothers, tailors of prestigious uniforms and livery, turned to Avena for trustworthy and sustainable disposal of textiles.   A Royal Warrant is a prized achievement for the many businesses that supply goods or services to the Royal Household, but with favour comes responsibility. Learn more about our work with them through our success showcase […]

Avena Group Acquires Let’s Talk Shred: Moving The Needle in Data Security

Lets talk shred announcement web

We are delighted to share with you a momentous development in the realm of data security with the acquisition of Let’s Talk Shred by Avena Group. Avena Group, a trusted family-run enterprise specialising in secure destruction and recycling, has successfully acquired Let’s Talk Shred. This acquisition marks a strategic alignment of two industry leaders, both […]

Making Earth Day Meaningful

Earth Day 2024 blog image new

Raising awareness of the environmental, ethical and security issues and how we can make a difference. To mark Earth Day 2024 on Monday, 22 April, we are highlighting the impact that fast fashion has on the environment and working conditions for many in the textile and garment industry. We’ll also explore how your company can […]

Samuel Brothers – Case Study

Samuel Brothers case study image web

The Challenge Samuel Brothers, known for crafting uniforms for prestigious clientele, faced a common challenge in the textile industry: finding a trustworthy solution for disposing and recycling their textiles. With stringent security measures in place to protect their brand, IP, and products, they were cautious about selecting a partner for garment disposal and recycling. Holding a […]

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