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Beyond the Surface: The Dangers of Leachate in Landfills

Lechate Blog Post

This blog explores the dangers of leachate and PFAs, highlighting their impact on water quality and the environment. It also discusses how Avena’s secure and sustainable solutions can help mitigate these environmental dangers.   What is Leachate?  Leachate is primarily formed by water percolating through solid waste deposited in a landfill site. Chemicals and constituents […]

Why Certified Destruction & Recycling is Worth Every Penny

Why Certified Destruction Recycling is Worth Every Penny Blog

How much does secure destruction and recycling of documents, textiles, IT and media cost? What are the benefits of using a certified recycling company? Most UK businesses have a legal obligation to dispose of waste products sustainably and responsibly. This can range from paper-based documents or electronic data storage components that hold sensitive personal information […]

Sustainability & ESG: Do Consumers Care?

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Are Sustainability and ESG concepts that are being foisted on corporate management by a vocal minority, or do consumers genuinely care about these issues? In an era where environmental concerns and ethical considerations are gaining momentum, the corporate landscape is witnessing a paradigm shift towards sustainability and ESG (environmental, social and governance) practices. Companies are […]

Making Earth Day Meaningful

Earth Day 2024 blog image new

Raising awareness of the environmental, ethical and security issues and how we can make a difference. To mark Earth Day 2024 on Monday, 22 April, we are highlighting the impact that fast fashion has on the environment and working conditions for many in the textile and garment industry. We’ll also explore how your company can […]

Reducing Textile Waste In The UK: What The Government Is Saying

Reducing Textile Waste In The UK blog web new 2

Textile waste is a growing problem that is reaching a crisis point. Fast fashion and a consumer economy have made the UK the highest buyer of clothing among European nations, with a staggering 2 tonnes of clothing being purchased every minute. This has also led to unacceptable amounts of clothing being discarded, often long before […]

Changes to Workplace Recycling in Wales – What you need to know

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The Welsh Government will soon be introducing a new recycling law that supports its circular economy strategy, Beyond recycling. Coming into effect on 6th April 2024, the law will place new responsibilities on all business, public sector and charitable organisations in Wales to separate recyclable materials from their waste, and on all contractors who collect […]

8 Reasons You Should Use A Document Destruction Service In 2024

8 Reasons You Should Use A Document Shredding Service In 2024 new web

There are many reasons why having an office-sized shredding machine for document destruction may seem like a better option than using a professional shredding service. A shredding machine is a capital expenditure with tax benefits and without the ongoing costs of using a shredding service. Having it near at hand in the office is fast, […]

Year End Security Checklist: Your Confidential Documents

securall year end web

In the fast-paced world of business, the flow of information is constant, and safeguarding sensitive documents is paramount. Whether dealing with confidential client data, internal reports, or proprietary information, a robust office document security strategy is essential to protect your organization from potential threats. In this blog post, we present a comprehensive Office Document Security […]

Security Checklist: Your Uniform & Workwear

securebrand year end web new

In the realm of business, the significance of a well-dressed and unified workforce goes beyond aesthetics—it’s a reflection of your brand identity and a key component of professional cohesion. However, managing workwear involves more than selecting the right fabric or design. It’s a comprehensive process that encompasses handling, distribution, and even the responsible disposal of uniforms. […]

Year End Security Checklist: Your IT Equipment & Devices

securetech year end web

  In the fast-paced world of technology, it’s easy to overlook the crucial aspects of the IT equipment lifecycle—especially when it comes to disposal. The journey from procurement to deployment is just one segment of the larger narrative. What happens when our devices reach their end of life? In this blog post, we focus on responsibility, […]

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