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Success Through Sustainability: Logistics and Transport

success through sustainability logistics and transport web blog

An overview of the challenges the logistics sector must overcome to maintain sustainability and how Avena Group can help logistics companies get ahead. Like many industries, the logistics sector is passing through a perfect storm of circumstances that in combination, make sustainability almost seem an impossible task. In this blog post, we take a look […]

Is Fashion Ready For New Sustainability Legislation?

Is Fashion Ready For New Sustainability Legislation web blog

  With 2025 bringing new climate commitments, brands and suppliers in the fashion industry need to work hard during 2024 to ensure their supply chains come up to scratch. The last two years have witnessed a marked increase in the focus on traceability. Traditional hubs of fabric and garment manufacturing such as China and Bangladesh […]

EE Partners with Avena to Recycle Uniform

EE and avena web blog graphic 2

 Avena proudly announces its strategic partnership with EE for the secure destruction and recycling of end-of-life uniform.  In April 2022, BT Group announced a shake-up of its branding that would see EE, its national mobile network operator and internet service provider, become its flagship brand for consumer customers. October 2023 saw this – the biggest […]

School & University Sustainable Rebranding: Text Books, Uniforms & Media

School and University Rebranding blog web new 2

When schools, universities and other educational institutions undergo a rebrand, the new identity must be applied to a wide range of items to ensure brand continuity across all touchpoints. This frequently results in large amounts of stationery, uniforms and media becoming obsolete due to its bearing the discontinued identity. In this blog post, we look at […]

How Can Fashion Become More Sustainable?

Sustainable fashion blog web 4

The fashion sector in general – and fast fashion in particular – has a problem with projecting an image of sustainability. Rapidly trending designs are the oxygen that keeps the industry going and high-volume, low-cost production makes clothing accessible to the masses while creating economy of scale. All this results in enormous volumes of clothing […]

A Paperless NHS: Why The Delay & Is There An Alternative?

Paperless NHS Blog Web new

Back in 2013, health secretary of the time Jeremy Hunt announced that the NHS would be paperless by 2018. On paper (pardon the pun), this was a highly desirable improvement both in terms of environmental impact and operational efficiency but in practice, it would appear that the timescale was too ambitious. The target date was pushed […]

Forterra Takes Aim at the Fabric of Net Zero Goals

Forterra Blog Web new

Building products manufacturer Forterra provides workwear to all of its personnel working both offsite and at 17 manufacturing locations. So when they studied how they could implement meaningful net zero policies across the company, disposal of old and worn out workwear came under scrutiny. They knew that under their existing workwear disposal scheme they were […]

Subway Goes Greener With SECUREBRAND

Subway and Avena Blog web

The fast food sector is often targeted for producing excessive packaging waste but Subway, the world’s largest submarine sandwich brand with more than 44,000 locations globally, is finding innovative ways to reduce its environmental impact through uniforms that are not only made using recycled content but are also recycled at the end of their life. […]

Circularity In The Auto Industry: How Car Manufacturers Are Recycling Used Workwear

Circularity In The Auto Industry blog post new

Automotive manufacturers Honda recently revealed how end-of-life workwear from their US manufacturing and R&D facilities is being saved from going to landfill. Instead, the garments are shredded into fibres that are repurposed as sound-absorbing insulation in Honda and Acura vehicles. For an industry that is constantly in the spotlight to become more sustainable and environmentally […]

NHS & Net Zero Targets: How Avena Can Help

NHS Net Zero Targets How Avena Can Help Image new 3

In 2020, NHS England launched it’s ‘For a greener NHS’ campaign and a roadmap towards becoming the world’s first net-zero public health service. it was to be a significant contribution to carbon emissions reduction, as NHS England was, at the time, producing about 4% of the UK’s carbon emissions. With suppliers clamouring to do business […]

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