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How Can Fashion Become More Sustainable?

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The fashion sector in general – and fast fashion in particular – has a problem with projecting an image of sustainability. Rapidly trending designs are the oxygen that keeps the industry going and high-volume, low-cost production makes clothing accessible to the masses while creating economy of scale. All this results in enormous volumes of clothing […]

Our Journey at ESS 2023: A Greener Future Beckons

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The 2023 Environmental Services & Solutions Expo (ESS) has come and gone, once again leaving us with a wealth of knowledge, inspiring encounters, and a continued passion for environmental sustainability. ESS provides to be the ultimate platform for sustainable innovation and technologies, this year attracting over 18,000 attendees, 800 exhibitors, and representatives from 32 countries. […]

Paper, Textile & E-Waste: 26 Startling Facts

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While we all know that waste is an important and urgent world issue, we may be unaware of its scale or impact. As sustainable recyclers of paper, textile and IT/media waste, we are using this blog post to highlight facts and statistics that relate to those waste streams. Facts About Paper Waste Despite the term […]

Circularity In The Auto Industry: How Car Manufacturers Are Recycling Used Workwear

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Automotive manufacturers Honda recently revealed how end-of-life workwear from their US manufacturing and R&D facilities is being saved from going to landfill. Instead, the garments are shredded into fibres that are repurposed as sound-absorbing insulation in Honda and Acura vehicles. For an industry that is constantly in the spotlight to become more sustainable and environmentally […]

Are You Stockpiling Old IT Equipment? Here’s How To Correctly Dispose Of E-Waste

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With the constant advance of IT, old electrical office equipment, computers, laptops and smartphones are frequently replaced to make way for something newer, faster, smarter or better. But what is happening to the redundant IT equipment? In this blog post, we look at a problem that many businesses in the UK face, the challenges this brings […]

Rebranding: How To Sustainably Recycle Old Workwear

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Rebranding: How To Sustainably Recycle Old Workwear Branded workwear brings many benefits to businesses and organisations, from promoting a brand image in commerce to enabling workers in sectors such as security and healthcare to be correctly identified. As corporate identities are refreshed, fashions evolve and a wider diversity of ethnic and cultural requirements are accommodated, […]

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