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PROTECTR 4 Steps To Secure Shredding & Waste Disposal

Our helpful process to decide which of Avena’s personal confidential waste disposal services you need.  Services within our hard-drive shredding include PCs, laptops, other electronics, and WEEE waste.

Want to know the best personal confidential waste disposal process, but confused by the range of confidential data destruction and secure shredding services you’re being offered? Follow our simple four-step guide to the solution that’s best for you.

Step 1: How much do you need to shred?

The paperless office has reduced the volume of paper-based data, but whatever your current volumes are you must still have a data destruction process in place that complies with GDPR regulations.

If your volumes are really low an office shredder may be sufficient, but be aware that not all models will shred paper fine enough to satisfy GDPR – if the paper is shredded into strips, it can be reassembled and the data recovered.

Our SECURALL® consoles are a more secure solution than office shredders, preventing obsolete documents from being retrieved and only accessible to our customer service representatives (CSRs). When the console is full, you simply scan a QR code on the console to tell us it’s ready for emptying. Even for smaller quantities, Avena can remove the whole admin challenge of secure shredding of confidential or sensitive documents.

Step 2: What Type of Waste do you Need to Shred or Destroy?

There are three major types of waste that Avena PROTECTR will securely shred. These are:

  • Documents and paper – SECURALL
  • WEEE waste and electronics including hard drives, PCs, laptops and other electronics – SECURETECH
  • Textiles include old uniforms, obsolete stock and damaged, misprinted or bad-quality garments – SECUREBRAND

Avena not only will provide the service to securely destroy your waste, but will also carry out consultations with your organisation. This ensures that we provide the best and most secure solution to ensure you receive a convenient service allowing you control over your secure disposal policies and that ensures the peace of mind that comes with compliance.

If you would like more information on hard drive shredding, get in touch with Avena today to further discuss your needs.  We understand the need for secure and confidential hard drive destruction so let us work with you to form the best solution for your team.

Step 3: Where do you Want the Shredding to Happen?

Avena provides both On-Site and Off-Site Shredding Services to give our clients maximum flexibility and control over the process.

Off-Site Shredding – At our secure shredding facility

Our off-site shredding service is a totally secure process.

  • We only use our own vans. These are protected with CCTV cameras and real-time satellite tracking, and carry no signwriting that might reveal the confidential nature of the cargo.
  • We only use our own personnel. All our CSRs have been BS7858 security vetted and undergo regular DBS. They are the only persons with keyed access to Securall consoles.
  • We only use our own shredding facility. These are protected with CCTV cameras and all operations staff have been BS7858 security vetted.

On-Site Shredding – At your premises

If you want the added peace of mind that comes with witnessing the destruction of your confidential waste, our mobile, vehicle-based shredding unit may be your preferred choice.

  • The mobile shredding unit arrives at your location at a pre-arranged time.
  • Our CSRs carry out your waste paper to the mobile unit and shred it immediately.
  • If you prefer, you or your staff can carry the waste out to the unit and personally witness the shredding process.
  • You will be given a certificate of destruction as soon as the shredding is complete.

Step 4: Ask us for a quote

Having considered the first three steps, you’ll have some idea of how your shredding plan should look. Maybe you will need a mixture – consoles for everyday office disposal and an annual bulk collection for time-expired archival documents.

Our team are ready and willing to discuss your needs with you, either via phone or a site visit if needed, and recommend a custom-tailored secure waste disposal plan and get you a fair price for your peace of mind.

If you know the approximate weights or volumes of your waste per week, month or year that will also help us quote accurately for your needs.

Contact us on 0845 5219 892 to let us know your requirements and arrange a site visit if needed, and we will do the rest.

When working with Avena, you can be sure that you will receive a shredding solution via our PROTECTR System that best suits your needs. Our services within this system includes:

  • Data Destruction Security Risk Assessments
  • Off-site secure shredding services
  • On-site secure shredding services
  • Witnessed destruction
  • Regular collection service
  • Fully auditable destruction certification
  • Bespoke PROTECTR collection receptacles

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