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You may have already taken extensive measures to protect personal data where this is held on computers, laptops, servers and cloud-based systems, but you are also responsible under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) to take appropriate measures to protect this information when it is stored or used in printed format or on storage devices such as disks and flash drives.

These appropriate measures include the secure destruction of printed documents, disks and flash drives when they are no longer required. But a legal obligation to protect the personal identity of your employees, customers or patients isn’t the only reason why you may need to consider your data security measures. Think of all the commercially-sensitive information that might be contained in documents, disks and flash drives – records of confidential meetings with customers or suppliers, carefully negotiated special pricing agreements, even new product research and development data – that could negatively affect your business if it fell into the wrong hands.

The downsides of office shredders

Unfortunately, many electrical shredding machines still used in offices don’t comply with GDPR requirements, leaving the shredded paper in long, coarse strips that – with patience and determination – can be reassembled so that the data can be extracted.

Office shredders are also slow and prone to jamming and overloading, and unless the shredder is located in a secure environment, placing confidential documents where they can be read or even removed by unauthorised persons while they are waiting to be shredded can be a breach of GDPR.

Secure GDPR-compliant document shredding

The best way to ensure destruction meets GDPR standards is to use a confidential waste destruction service provider. At Avena, we guarantee the security of your confidential waste from the moment you dispose of it until it has been destroyed, and our powerful shredding equipment takes high volumes of paper in its stride. Small quantities of disks and flash drives can even be added to the confidential waste without creating a jam.

We provide secure confidential waste destruction services to public and private sector organisations of all sizes throughout Suffolk, offering three shredding service options that can be combined to suit the needs of your organisation while complying with GDPR.


Secure off-site shredding service

Our Securall® system has been developed to provide secure, convenient storage of discarded documents that blends effortlessly into the environment of a modern office.

Documents are irretrievable once they are placed into the locked Securall console and can only be accessed when they are removed by our BS7858 security vetted, DBS checked customer service representatives.

Unlike many secure destruction services, Securall means we don’t make regular visits and charge you for emptying half-full consoles. When your console is full, you simply scan a QR code on the console (using a smartphone app that we supply) and we are automatically alerted that the console needs emptying.

When the console is emptied, the contents are immediately transferred to our secure vehicle. All our vehicles are specially equipped with closed-circuit television cameras and real-time satellite tracking to ensure their security and monitor their position at all times. As an added security measure, they carry no signwriting or identification that might reveal the confidential nature of their contents.

On arrival at our secure, CCTV-protected shredding facility, your confidential waste will again be only handled by BS7858 security vetted personnel.


On-site shredding

We realise however that Securall doesn’t match the requirements of all our customers. If you require large volumes of data destruction to be carried out in a short period – for example, full records of annual accounts at the end of their six-year retention period – or if documents contain information that is too sensitive for it to leave the premises, we also offer on-site shredding.

For this service, we operate a mobile, truck-mounted industrial shredding unit. This is parked in a location of your choice on or near your premises and the destruction is carried out there and then. You can witness the shredding process and even use your own staff to carry the documents to the shredding unit.

Another advantage of the on-site service is that you will be issued a certificate of destruction for your GDPR audit records before we leave the premises (with all other services, the certificate is issued and sent to you once the destruction is complete at our premises.


Document destruction for working from home (WFH)

The Covid pandemic of 2020-2022 changed the way many businesses operate, with large numbers of office staff working remotely from home. To provide GDPR-compliant data destruction for home workers, we developed our patent-pending RemoteShred service.

This works like Securall, but with a 100% recyclable secure container replacing the console. Once the container is full it is permanently sealed and the user scans a QR code on the container to alert us. A new container is left with the user when the full container is collected, and when this arrives at our shredding facility it is placed, still sealed, into the shredder.


Textile and garment shredding

While paper is the item that first comes to mind when we talk about secure shredding, there is also a growing market for secure textile and garment shredding. This may seem strange and even wasteful when we are trying to reuse and reduce the amount of clothing manufactured, but it serves a vital purpose. And it isn’t as wasteful as you might think.

Let’s first look at the reasons why textile and garment shredding is necessary.


It’s in our nature from childhood to want to dress up and pretend we are someone we aren’t. Even as adults, some people still indulge in this fantasy and mostly it’s good harmless fun – reenactment societies and living museum volunteers for example.

But in other cases, it can take a darker turn. Persons who fantasise about being a member of the emergency or law enforcement services may become so immersed in their fantasy that they endanger the lives of the public. For this reason, impersonation is in some instances regarded as a serious crime.

Other people choose to impersonate with the intention of committing a crime, wearing a uniform that might give them access to restricted areas or dupe persons into trusting them. As well as the uniforms of emergency and security personnel, this can include crooks who falsely identify as charity volunteers and utility company workers to take money on doorsteps and gain access to private homes.

Even old uniforms that have been replaced by new designs can successfully deceive the unsuspecting, so any organisation that equips its workers or volunteers with identifiable workwear should consider whether its misuse could result in unlawful impersonation. If so, secure shredding is the safest way to dispose of old, worn, surplus or outdated uniforms.

Brand value

The fashion industry also has a vested interest in the secure destruction of textiles and garments. Fabrics designed exclusively for one fashion house cannot be sold to another manufacturer, even if they are end-of-production surplus or rejected due to manufacturing defects.

Finished garments that are end-of-season surplus or showing manufacturing defects may also be shredded rather than sold off; no high-ticket fashion brand would want to flood the market with heavily-reduced clothing or have its brand associated with poor quality.

Counterfeit designer clothing is a big business that if left unchallenged would severely harm the economy. But when these fakes are seized by customs or trading standards officials, only secure destruction can prevent them from cluttering up a warehouse or somehow finding their way onto the market.

But where is the environmental benefit of all these fabrics and garments being reduced to fibres instead of being reused?

As an ISO 14001 certified company, we are committed to reducing waste and the environmental impact of landfill. That’s why we repurpose the fibres that are a byproduct of the shredding process in new products such as the inner filling of acoustic office screens.

WEEE and environmental compliance

As a business, if you dispose of any electrical or electronic equipment you are bound by WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) to do so in an environmentally responsible manner.

WEEE was introduced to reduce the volume of discarded electrical and electronic products going to landfill sites, for several reasons.

  • They often contain substances that can present an environmental hazard
  • Many components contain valuable materials that can be recycled and reused to prevent the depletion of natural resources
  • Thye almost always have metal or plastic components that can be easily recycled

Avena is a WEEE-approved contractor with a difference: as many electronic devices contain data storage components, we ensure that these are removed and securely destroyed to prevent any residual data from being retrieved.

Your secure data destruction in our safe hands

With clients in the education, finance, healthcare and legal sectors, we must demonstrate our competence and integrity.

  • We follow the BSEN:15713-2009 Code of Practice to ensure your confidential waste is destroyed following GDPR requirements
  • We are ISO 9001 certified to guarantee you receive consistent service quality and security procedures are adhered to at all times
  • We are ISO 14001 registered to demonstrate our commitment to the environment through effective waste management
  • We are ISO 45001 certified, covering all aspects of occupational health and safety to provide a safe working environment

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