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PROTECTR® Confidential Waste Solutions

Ensuring you have the best practices in place for the destruction of all your secure information.

The Gold Standard In Secure Waste Disposal With A Focus On:


Schedule regular collections for personal and confidential waste documents – direct from your premises.


Arrange for end-of-life branded workwear, uniforms and printed textiles to be collected and securely destroyed by Avena within the UK.


Collections of unused IT hardware and mobile devices to ensure complete destruction and promising zero recoverability of data.

Introducing PROTECTR®; The Complete Secure Waste Disposal Solution

Avena's PROTECTR® audit consultation service is a comprehensive solution for assessing and managing confidential waste disposal needs across various industries and organisations. The service includes a tailored security audit, during which a trained expert collaborates with clients to create a secure system for data and identity protection. PROTECTR® ensures best practices for the destruction of confidential information through a proven methodology and a customer-first ethos.

The system covers secure data destruction and recycling of documents, IT equipment, ID cards, and company uniforms to prevent identity theft and physical data breaches. The service is designed to run smoothly in the background, with discreet shredding consoles placed in office environments for convenient disposal. A convenience-focused approach encourages a total shred policy, removing decision-making from staff and promoting compliance with GDPR regulations.

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Our Confidential Waste Management Services

The Three Pillars Of PROTECTR.

The PROTECTR® solution is based on three pillars, each as important as the last: Convenience, Control, and Compliance. The service offers off-site shredding options and an innovative online platform, ensuring confidential waste bins are only collected when full, increasing efficiency and reducing costs. The focus on GDPR compliance extends to a range of materials, including textiles and uniforms, addressing the potential for identity theft. Avena emphasizes treating confidential waste as secure information, emphasizing timely and responsible destruction. They offer bespoke security audits and invite inquiries about their waste disposal system. The overall aim is to provide excellent value, as demonstrated by positive feedback, including from an NHS Hospital.

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