What is the Real Cost of engaging the services of a professional mobile shredding service for documents or WEEE equipment?

You may think that professional document shredding and data destruction services are costly, but have you ever considered the alternative in the event of the unfortunate eventuality of a data breach?

Under GDPR all businesses who store, handle or use personal data must implement measures that ensure the data cannot be accessed by any unauthorised person, even after use. There are regularly high-profile reports in the press of hackers stealing vast amounts of personal data from large multinational companies and understandably, millions of pounds are being poured into protecting data from cyber-attack.

Confidential information stored on flash drives, disks or printed documents is much easier to protect because would-be thieves must first gain physical access to where it is stored, rather than simply hacking into a computer system from halfway around the world. But there is a danger that this relative security can breed complacency. If information is obtained from these sources it is still a breach of data protection, so maybe we should start by asking what the cost might be if we don’t use a professional secure destruction service for confidential waste.

The cost of GDPR infringements can be a penalty of £17.5 million or 4% of global turnover, whichever is the greater sum. But a penalty may be just the tip of the iceberg.

The long-term effects of a data breach on your organisation’s reputation


Loss of personal data

Employees, clients and patients entrust their personal information to you, believing that you will protect it. If details of their medical history, financial status or other similarly sensitive information were to be leaked and misappropriated, the consequences could be dire for them. How will you be able to reassure them – or any future potential employees, clients or patients – that their personal data will be safe in your hands once there has been a data breach?


Loss of commercially sensitive information

While GDPR is only there to protect personal information there are other reasons why organisations should ensure data is protected and professionally destroyed when no longer required. Commercially sensitive information can be found in documents relating to trade secrets, intellectual property such as patents, tendering, financial statements, and contractual or pricing agreements. The leaking of such information belonging to your company or your customers could have wide-ranging repercussions.

Which shredding service is best for you and what will it cost? 

Search online for professional confidential waste destruction prices in your area, and you’re likely to get a confusing array of results. Some companies charge per kilo of waste paper or an hourly rate for shredding, while others may make a weekly charge to empty one or more secure waste disposal consoles, whether or not they are full. Some may only offer off-site shredding or only on-site shredding.

These wide differences may make it hard for you to work out which is the most cost-effective, but the fact is that every organisation has its own unique requirements; there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to confidential waste destruction and document shredding.

Avena Group – Shredding and data destruction services tailored to your organisation’s needs.

At Avena Group we have adopted a consultative approach that takes into account how your organisation operates and create a bespoke solution that is tailored for the perfect fit ensuring a fully secure, cost-effective and hassle-free service.

We can offer on-site or off-site shredding for office-based organisations, our remote document shredding service for those working from home, or a combination of all three.

We use scannable QR codes and a smartphone app to let our clients know when waste is ready for destruction, and all waste is transported in our own fleet of vans equipped with CCTV camera monitoring and real-time satellite tracking for security. All our waste collection and destruction personnel are BS7858 security vetted and  DBS checked and at our CCTV-protected destruction site, heavy-duty industrial shredding machinery reduces waste paper to fine particles.

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