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EE Partners with Avena to Recycle Uniform

 Avena proudly announces its strategic partnership with EE for the secure destruction and recycling of end-of-life uniform. 

In April 2022, BT Group announced a shake-up of its branding that would see EE, its national mobile network operator and internet service provider, become its flagship brand for consumer customers. October 2023 saw this – the biggest rebrand since the business was first launched in 2012 – begin to be rolled out.

Once Avena Group had been approached by valued client Essential Embroidery with the ask of securely and sustainably recycling EE’s end-of-life uniform, Avena were quick to snap up the opportunity to work with an industry leader in the telecommunications space.

The rebranding of such a large company necessarily brings many challenges. As a utilities provider, its uniformed personnel are very visible and instantly recognisable, so protecting their brand is an essential component of the rebranding process. Watch the video below to view the process.

Redundant uniforms: their risk to the brand and the public

As the new corporate brand identity included redesigned uniforms, EE would need to find a way of preventing the large volumes of outdated workwear from misuse.

How end-of-life uniforms can damage a brand

When a nationwide rebrand of this scale is rolled out, much of the obsolete workwear may have seen little or no use. It can be tempting, particularly with today’s emphasis on reducing waste, to donate this clothing to charity shops or clothes banks, but if it is recognisable as branded clothing – for example, if it is printed or embroidered with a logo – allowing it to be worn by anyone can damage a brand.

Wherever the wearer goes and whatever they may do, while they are wearing branded clothing they will be associated with the company that owns the brand and their behaviour may run contrary to the company’s ethics and standards.

Worn and soiled branded clothing is also a poor reflection on the company’s brand, even if it is abundantly clear that the wearer isn’t a company employee.

How redundant uniforms can endanger the public

While a new uniform may be distinguishable from a previous design when compared side by side, the old style may easily pass muster with anyone unfamiliar with, or unaware of, the rebranding; i.e. the majority of the public.

This would mean that there is a potential risk of redundant workwear falling into the wrong hands and being used to dupe unsuspecting persons into allowing unauthorised persons access to private homes. This provides a perfect opportunity for unscrupulous individuals to steal or damage private property, con vulnerable persons out of money and threaten, injure or even kill.

How EE uniforms were securely and sustainably destroyed

To protect their brand and the public, EE partnered with Avena Group to securely destroy all their discontinued workwear. Using Avena’s advanced recycling techniques, the garments are shredded into separate fibres that prevent the brand from being misused.

However, this process isn’t entirely destructive. Once shredded, the fibres are sorted and graded for reuse in a variety of innovative products, where they find a new life that prevents them from becoming landfill.

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