If you are a large organisation handling high volumes of confidential paper-based information, how efficient is your data destruction?

A typical service contract for secure document destruction is based on the service provider making regular, routine visits to your premises, where they will check and empty every document collection bin. You will probably be charged a flat rate per secure storage bin for them to remove the discarded documents, regardless of how full each bin might be.

Is every storage bin full every time they visit, or are you paying them to securely dispose of empty space?

How Avena Group Improves Efficiency

One UK health trust was paying for 285 secure storage bins with a potential total capacity of 25 tonnes to be emptied every week until they asked Avena Group to carry out an audit of their operations.

On average they were only generating 1.8 tonnes of redundant documents per week. Their secure data destruction operations were in fact running at only 7.2% efficiency.

Reducing the number of storage bins wasn’t feasible, but Avena Group came up with a solution – their Securall® Management Platform. This uses innovative technology to notify both Avena and the trust’s Estates and Facilities team in real-time that a storage bin is full.

When the Avena customer service representative arrives on one of the trust’s sites, they have direct access to this data and know exactly which storage bins need to be emptied. As storage bins are only emptied when they are full, the system now works at 100% efficiency and the time Avena saves by not having to physically check each bin results in cost savings that are passed on to the trust.

The management platform also streamlines the administrative aspect of secure data destruction, enabling full audibility in conformance with Information Governance.

Another clear benefit for the Health Trust is that Avena only accesses areas where bins need emptying, thereby reducing the risk of transmitting external or healthcare-acquired infection (HCAI).

How Efficient Is Your Data Destruction?

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