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IT & Media Recycling in Bristol

The Avena team provide a totally audited and secure IT and media destruction service while working in accordance with strict WEEE Regulations set by the government. Get started with SECURETECH ®.
100% Secure

The Avena confidential IT destruction service is secure from each and every point of view.

GDPR Compliance As Standard

Bootstrap your business or organisation with instant GDPR compliance.

Completely Recycled in the UK

Our client's electronic waste is completely recycled within the United Kingdom, helping the environment at every opportunity.

Carefully Checked Personnel

Our staff are carefully vetted and trained, with CRB/DBS security screening as standard.

CCTV & Vehicle Monitoring

We've put into place state of the art vehicle monitoring solutions across our facilities for complete peace of mind.

IT Recycling Services in Bristol

We ensure that your company is protected, our trained and vetted security employees are ready to work with you to securely dispose and recycle IT and electrical waste material.

We provide custom solutions for secure media destruction and recycling of used IT equipment such as DVD’s, USB Flash Drives, and other media data within various industries. Whatever industry you're working in, you are surrounded by data, whether that's physical or digital data within information technology systems we use every day. Our team will work with you to guarantee that the process is secure, investing our knowledge and expertise into suggesting the best WEEE recycling solution for your needs.

Amount of Electronic Waste Generated in the UK Each Year
0 tonnes

Which IT Devices Do We Recycle?

We specialise in securely collecting, destroying and recycling old and redundant IT equipment throughout the UK, here are some of the different items we held recycle every day.

Do We Destroy Data?

There are obvious advantages of destroying a hard drive to be sure that your data is totally secure. Once destroyed, the data is entirely gone from a hard drive. This will help reclaim space in your office, ensures regulatory compliance, and reduces the risk of fines and penalties.

Average Amount of Electronic Waste Generated in the UK per Capita
0 kg

Complete Media Destruction Audit Trail Provided

The SECURETECH System covering the collection, destruction and disposal of confidential WEEE, IT & secure media waste guarantees businesses appropriately manage sensitive data in an environmentally concious manner.

Our three-tier method provides convenience, control, and compliance all while protecting you, your business, and your clients from data breaches, fines, and possible identity theft.

Following the destruction and recycling of your IT & Media equipment, you will be issued a complete audit trail for peace of mind. These are also useful when governing bodies request proof of destruction, or environmental impact information from you.

Speak to Avena today to discuss your IT recycling needs, one of our specialists are waiting to help.

Where in Bristol Does Avena Recycle IT & Electronic Media?

We provide quality IT recycling services across Bristol, listed below are towns or cities that we're often working in, and therefore can already offer exceptional service levels.

If you don't find your area listed, it doesn't mean we can't offer a great IT recycling service, just contact the team and we'll work with you to arrange the best way to move forward.

“We have been using Avena Environmental to dispose of our confidential waste on a monthly basis since September 2010. We are extremely pleased with their service. It gives us the confidence of knowing our confidential waste is being destroyed securely and professionally. Avena gives us real peace of mind for our business. I have no hesitation in recommending Avena and I am happy to support a local company.”

WEEE Waste Collection Quotation

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Avena's Secure WEEE Waste Collection & Recycling Services
We Welcome Your Questions
Are We Compliant Under The Waste, Electrical & Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE 2013)?
Everything we do at Avena has compliance at the core. Our solutions are built from the ground up to solve a very real problem that businesses like yours are faced with every day. Our IT recycling solutions have been developed to ensure complete compliance with the WEEE 2013 legislation, set forth by the UK Government.
Are We Working in Accordance With The Data Protection Act?

Absolutely. First and foremost, we’re a security company, and there’s nothing more important to us than keeping information and data that we’ve been trusted with private and protected. Speak with one of our experts today about the safe and secure destruction of your electrical waste.

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