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Confidential Wast Disposal Case Study | Milestones Hospital, Norfolk


About Milestones Hospitals Challenge

We had already been providing Milestones with ad hoc collections for the destruction of their secure and confidential data. As part of this service, we provide regular account reviews. It was during one of these account reviews that one of our experts recommended a security audit. In turn, this audit uncovered some additional needs, which we addressed with our SECURALL system.

What Solution did Avena Provide?

Avena conducted a security audit in which we were able to recommend a new, more regular system. Our knowledgeable team is security conscious and strives to ensure that each of our clients is receiving great value from our services.

Our team strives to go above and beyond, so we take the time to really understand our clients’ individual needs. Our expertise ensured Milestone’s compliance with both GDPR and Data Protection laws and their CQC (Care Quality Commission) Code of Practice.

After their security audit, we worked with the Operations department at Milestones to promptly supply their required consoles and wheelie bins. Due to the flexibility of our SECURALL system, we implemented it across both of their sites. SECURALL is all about Convenience, Control, and Compliance. To ensure Milestones had the most convenient system, we installed one console and one wheelie bin at each site. We also implemented a total shred system to safeguard them from any breaches in their data. A total shred system removes all risk of human error, removing risk and increasing convenience.

With a convenient and controllable system, Milestones could be sure that their sites were compliant, significantly reducing their risk of data breaches, fines, and identity theft. Avena has proven expertise in aiding medical organisations with their confidential waste. Colchester Hospital in Essex is another excellent case study that evidences this.

"I would definitely recommend Avena to any business, large or small. The customer service is excellent, and it's very reassuring to know that such a reliable service manages our confidential waste. The security aspect is also great with our data being so sensitive."

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