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While we all know that waste is an important and urgent world issue, we may be unaware of its scale or impact. As sustainable recyclers of paper, textile and IT/media waste, we are using this blog post to highlight facts and statistics that relate to those waste streams.

Facts About Paper Waste

Despite the term “The Paperless Office” being first used in 1978, paper is still playing a significant role in commerce 45 years later.2

(The World Counts)

SECURALL® is our confidential document shredding service, offering secure destruction of documents containing personal data or sensitive information to the healthcare, education, legal, financial and commercial sectors. All our shredded paper is recycled, reducing the demand for virgin pulp from new trees and promoting our “zero waste-to-landfill” policy.

Facts About Textile Waste


We are manufacturing, using and discarding more textiles than at any other time in history. In 2019, Oxfam reported some sobering facts about textile waste:

Well-meaning initiatives to donate used clothing to developing countries have resulted in such high volumes of unwanted garments being sent to landfill in those countries that it has created a whole new environmental crisis. It’s therefore imperative that we find more effective ways of reducing the amount of textiles we produce and consume.

Recycling also reduces the volume that goes to landfill, produces yarns that can be used to manufacture new textiles and extends the life of the fibres by repurposing them into new products.

SECUREBRAND® is our specialised secure textile recycling and destruction service, created to help organisations, authorities and businesses safeguard the public and protect their brands while providing a sustainable “zero waste-to-landfill” alternative.

Facts About E-Waste

The unrelenting rise in consumer and business electronics is creating an environmental crisis of massive proportions.1


The World Counts also reports some alarming facts about e-waste:

SECURETECH® is our specialised IT and media recycling service. Fully compliant with WEEE regulations, we responsibly and safely separate e-waste into its recyclable components to prevent any going to landfill and harvest valuable resources for reuse. This service also provides secure destruction of any components that may contain personal data or sensitive information, ensuring full compliance with GDPR and protecting our clients’ commercial interests.

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