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Royal Warrant Holder Entrusts Textile Waste To Avena

Samuel Brothers, tailors of prestigious uniforms and livery, turned to Avena for trustworthy and sustainable disposal of textiles.  

A Royal Warrant is a prized achievement for the many businesses that supply goods or services to the Royal Household, but with favour comes responsibility. Learn more about our work with them through our success showcase video:

Since 1830, Samuel Brothers have provided bespoke tailoring for livery and uniforms – garments that bestow exclusive status on those who wear them. If their products – even manufacturing rejects – should fall into the wrong hands, the reputation of their brand and their retention of the Royal Warrant would be in jeopardy.

While comparatively few companies hold a Royal Warrant, secure garment disposal is a challenge faced by many manufacturers and users of uniforms and branded workwear.

Samuel Brothers also faced another challenge common to all garment manufacturers and corporate users – sustainable disposal and recycling. Textile waste is an enormous contributor towards excess landfill and more needs to be done to recapture and reuse what we can from the products we dispose of.

A two-in-one secure disposal and recycling solution

When Len Dawson, Samuel Brothers’ Managing Director was searching for a secure and sustainable solution, he knew that he needed to find a service provider that could combine the benefits of security and sustainability.

His search took him to many textile waste companies, but none of them could guarantee both the secure destruction and carbon savings he was looking for… until he came to Avena Group.

Lee listened intently as Avena described their SECUREBRAND® textile and garment destruction and recycling service to him.

He realised that the security-vetted personnel who would collect textile and garment waste from his premises and their unmarked vehicles protected by CCTV and real-time satellite tracking would guarantee the safety of their waste from door to door.

He particularly liked the SECUREBRAND three-tier recycling system, as it ensures maximum benefit is gained from the recycled fibres while eliminating the waste going to landfill.

Under this tier system, the best quality fibres are segregated for respinning into fresh yarn for making new fabrics. The second-quality tier fibres are also remanufactured, but this time into products such as geotextiles, upholstery padding and acoustic panels. Once these fibres have been removed, a very small amount of textile waste remains, but even this isn’t wasted; it’s used to generate sustainable energy.

Streamlined operations and accurate reports

By choosing SECUREBRAND for their textile waste management, Samuel Brothers has accomplished more than security and sustainability.

Specially designed containers have been installed at their production sites and regular scheduled visits are made by Avena to empty them. This keeps the production areas free of clutter and requires little administrative work on their part, so operations are streamlined.

Each collection of textile waste is also weighed and logged to provide documentation for Samuel Brothers to keep on file as evidence in the event of an environmental audit. Avena also provides detailed reports on the carbon savings that Samuel Brothers make by recycling textiles through SECUREBRAND, enabling them to demonstrate they meet the expectations required of them as a Royal Warrant holder.

Do you manufacture textiles or garments? Are you responsible for disposing of end-of-life workwear? Are brand security and sustainable disposal challenges you currently face?

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