Our business is about protection.  Protecting you, your business & your clients.

The Avena ethos is all about our customers, our processes, and our integrity. Our aim is to ensure that all our customers receive an excellent service, driven through innovation, knowledge and sharing of ideas around security and sustainability.


Our mission is to be the trusted security partner, providing sustainable and individually tailored solutions. Our Securall® process shares knowledge and expertise, protecting business from data breaches, fines and identity theft, safeguarding society and intellectual property.

Protecting your business. Securing your future


Avena will become a trusted partner for the protection of your brand, providing convenient, controlled and compliant systems that drive for security and environmental sustainability.


  • Trust – A team built on the speed of trust
  • Kaizen – It is Continuous Improvement every day
  • Integrity – At the foundation of what we do
  • Honesty & Openness – The leading influence in any transaction
  • Forward Thinking – A culture of development and planning ahead

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