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Clothing and Textile Shredding, Destruction and Recycling - Secure, Confidential, Protected.

What security and environmental facility have you put in place for your textiles? At Avena we are specialists in the destruction and recycling of textiles. Whether your goal is to protect your branded material or reduce your environmental impact.


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At Avena, we are specialists in textile shredding, clothing destruction and textile recycling. Whether your goal is to protect your branded material or reduce your environmental impact, we have a solution.

How sure are you that when you no longer require your branded textiles or garments that they’re not getting into the wrong hands? Textile shredding offers a major advantage for your business, with guaranteed protection for your brand. Not only will we destroy and recycle your non-branded textiles, but we also offer uniform recycling to give you peace of mind.

We have been working over the last 7 years and remain committed to clothing recycling and our promise to send zero textile waste to landfills. If you have any end-of-line, branded or counterfeit fake garments or textiles to be shredded we would be pleased to quote.
If you have a system in place for uniform recycling or the destruction of your old or used textiles, then it limits the chances of any identity theft or breaches happening.
No matter what your requirements are for textile recycling and shredding, please contact us today and one of our specialists will be glad to help.

At Avena we work in consultation with our customers and take the time to understand their objectives and goals to enhance their experience, let us understand yours so we can help.

Does this sound familiar?

  • How do we reduce what we are sending to landfill?
  • How do we protect our brand against identity theft?
  • What do we do with our old/used uniform and PPE?
  • Why do I need a uniform shredding service?

We hear these all the time. Tell us yours, so we can help work out the best solution for you.

Our Securall® Textile Shredding Collection Console

Our Securall® system for textile destruction ensures businesses correctly manage their brand and any risk to that brand. Our three-tier approach of convenience, control and compliance safeguards you, your business and your clients from identity theft and fines. With an established reputation of security, integrity and sustainability, organisations that choose to partner with Avena can be assured that these core values are upheld throughout any destruction process.

No matter your requirements, please contact us today, one of our specialists are waiting to help.

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