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Confidential document shredding and waste disposal for you, your business, and your clients.

At Avena Group, we are a team of experts in confidential paper shredding who take a refreshing approach to document shredding ensuring you are protected against data breaches, fines, and identity theft.

With a large fleet of vans and operations staff, an efficient QR code scan system that ensures paper bins are only picked up when they are full, and knowledge of BS-EN 15713:2009 compliant working we have become a partner of choice for confidential paper shredding.

Over the years we have put in place a customer-focused system and invest time, capital, knowledge, and skills development to offer the best GDPR-compliant documentation and old uniforms destruction. This has resulted in both satisfied customers and rapid growth as a business.

“Avena has helped improve the reliability of our confidential document destruction service. They provide certification to prove our compliance to GDPR, which was previously an area of concern. I cannot fault their flexible service, and I look forward to continuing our working relationship.”

Records Manager, Gotelee Solicitors LLP

When working with Avena Group, you can be sure that the Securall System delivers a fast and secure confidential paper shredding service that best suits your needs and gives real peace of mind as the testimonial above shows. Our services within Securall include:

  • Data Destruction Security Risk Assessments
  • Off-site secure shredding services
  • On-site secure shredding services
  • Witnessed destruction of confidential documents
  • Regular collection service for disposal of confidential waste
  • Fully auditable destruction certification
  • Bespoke Securall® collection receptacles
  • Domestic paper shredding services near me
  • Document Shredding Calculator

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At Avena we work in consultation with our customers and take the time to understand their needs, wants and frustrations to enhance their experience. We know every business has frustrations, let us understand yours so we can reduce them.

FAQs about Confidential Shredding

  • What can we do to ensure we are compliant with GDPR?
  • How do we evidence this?
  • How can we reduce the risk of the costs of a Data Breach?
  • Where can we improve our sustainability?
  • What is the average confidential waste disposal cost?

We hear these all the time. Tell us yours, so we can help work out the best confidential document shredding solution for you.

Domestic Shredding Services

The Securall system for confidential paper shredding ensures that you manage sensitive data and dispose of documents in accordance with data protection laws. Our three foundation pillars of our brand and the journey that we take ensures that through convenience, control, and compliance you, your business, and your clients are safeguarded from data breaches, fines, and identity theft.

Once we have destroyed and recycled your documents, all within the UK, we will provide you with a full audit trail to assist your demonstration and risk management processes to ensure compliance with the Data Protection laws for confidential paper waste disposal.

No matter your requirement, please contact us today, one of our specialists are waiting to help.

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