Our customers within the finance industry handle a significant amount of confidential and sensitive data. When they consider their confidential shredding service options, it is clear to us that they require a secure and compliant service.

We understand that the sector of finance has many codes of practice. We also recognise that is it vital that your suppliers are up to date with them all. That is why Avena stay on top of the Financial Conduct Authority’s Code of Practice. We take the time to understand each clients individual needs.

We put in place a customer focused system which involves investing time and knowledge into your firm. This results in bespoke recommendations which provide the best solution for your business. Our Securall® System for confidential document shredding ensures that businesses correctly manage and destroy their sensitive data.

Our three-tier approach of convenience, control and compliance safeguards you, your practice, and your clients from data breaches, fines, and identity theft. We destroy and recycle your documents, right here, within the United Kingdom. We will then provide you with a full audit trail which includes a certificate of destruction. This ensures that your compliance with all of the data protection laws.

This is what our customer TGFP Chartered Accountants in the Midlands have to say about us:

“We are very happy with the service Avena provide. We use the Securall® System in both our offices. Our collection frequency is often amended to meet our changing requirements and it it is a quick and easy process.” – Office Manager

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