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Protecting you, your business, and your clients from data breaches.

Ensuring that your organisation is protected, our trained and vetted security personnel are ready to work with you. We provide bespoke solutions for secure media destruction and recycling of used IT equipment such as DVD’s, USB Flash Drives, and other media data within any industry. Whatever industry you are working in you are surrounded by data, physical data on paper and the world of data within information technology systems. Our team will work with you to ensure that you are protected, investing our knowledge and expertise into recommending the best WEEE recycling solution for you. if you are looking for a hard drive destruction service near you then please call us on 0845 5219892.

With our secure digital media destruction, confidential IT disposal and recycling services we can make it easy for you to comply with WEEE Waste legislation. Our service covers:

  • PC’s and Laptop destruction
  • Hard drives, disks, DVDs, and CDs destruction
  • Laser and Inkjet printers recycling

  • Servers and photocopiers
  • Network switches, hubs, routers and firewalls
  • Other miscellaneous IT equipment

There are significant advantages of using hard drive destruction to ensure that your data is completely secure.  These include the fact that once destroyed, the data is completely unrecoverable, it helps to free up space in your office, ensures regulatory compliance, and helps to avoid fines and penalties.  If this sounds like it’s for you and you’re wondering where there is a ‘hard drive destruction service near me’, we recommend you contact Avena today and we will gladly work with you to discover a solution that works for everyone.

At Avena we work in consultation with our customers and take the time to understand their needs, wants and frustrations to enhance their experience. We know every business has frustrations, let us understand yours so we can reduce them.

Does this sound familiar?

• Are we compliant under the Waste, Electrical & Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE 2013)?
• Are we working in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018?
• Do we have an audit trail for our data destruction?

We hear questions like this all the time. Tell us your concerns, so we can recommend the best solution for your business.

Our Securall® System for collection of confidential WEEE, IT & secure media waste ensures businesses correctly manage sensitive data in an environmentally friendly way. Our three-tier approach of convenience, control and compliance safeguards you, your business and your clients from data breaches, fines, and identity theft. Once we have destroyed and recycled your IT & Media equipment, we will provide you with a full audit trail so you can be sure you are compliant with all the data protection laws.

No matter your requirement, please contact us today, one of our specialists are waiting to help.

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