DPD Group - Case Study

"We can now have the assurance that the uniform is being destroyed to the high standards we would expect to protect our brands".


DPD a leading provider of parcel delivery services with a nationwide network of depots are committed to ensuring that environmental management is a key priority. One of their recent examples of this has been their partnership with Avena with the implementation of the SecureBrand solution across their nationwide network of depots.

DPD group were looking for a secure recycling solution for all their worn uniforms and with the importance of maintaining the powerful corporate image of the DPD brand, both sustainability (in view of meeting their environmental objectives) and security (to protect the value of their brand in the recycling process) were of equal importance. Branded uniform can be of high value to others potentially being misused for the purposes of fraud whereby corporate uniform can be worn leading to the assumption that the individual is working for that company/brand.

The implementation of the SecureBrand solution presented an ideal method for DPD group to securely and responsibly dispose of their corporate workwear. With a SecureBrand container located at every site where staff can deposit used clothing, a system formed that was convenient and controlled across the whole organisation for the recycling of their uniforms. A 12 weekly collection service to every site maintains the smooth operation of the whole system ensuring there is no unnecessary build-up at any one site. Even though DPD are a logistics company themselves, it made commercial sense for the collection service to be set up, taking unnecessary risk and hassle away in relation to the recycling process.


Within this unique solution that Avena provides, the clothing after being securely destroyed and baled will then be exported to various specialist recycling mills/organisations around the world. The baled fibre material is then put through a process which splits the bales and then stretches the fibres to produce an innovative material which is being used for a wide variety of uses including insulation, geotextiles, special papers and other innovative products.

The solution for the disposal of our corporate uniforms has put a controlled system in place across all our sites. We can now have the assurance that the uniform is being destroyed to the high standards we would expect to protect our brands. To make sure that our uniforms are being recycled ethically and securely, this solution is the answer.”Jonathon Howson - DPD Procurement Manager

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