Gotelee Solicitors, Suffolk - Case Study

When we approached Gotelee’s to talk about their document destruction it was clear that their incumbent supplier was not providing the level of service they required.


What happens when you don’t get the required service from your supplier? You end up with a system that is uncontrollable and non-compliant. Confidential documents left in sacks all around the office boxes piling up not only a data protection risk but a health and safety risk.

This is exactly what was happening at Gotelee Solicitors. Despite reaching out to their incumbent they could not service their consoles and overflow in a timely manner. During our security audit and proposal to service them, it was clear that they needed extra consoles on a more regular collection service, we also ensured we had constant communication with them to ensure when they were going through their archiving we were coming regularly to securely destroy their over and above requirements.

Avena’s Securall® system is all about Convenience, Control and Compliance. To ensure Gotelees Solicitors had the most convenient system we installed those extra consoles around the office to provide ease of use for their staff and serviced them weekly. We also wanted to safeguard them from any breaches in their data, so we implemented a total shred system. A total shred system removes all risk of human error and increases convenience by streamlining the process, everything goes in one place. Finally, with both a convenient and controllable system, Gotelees could be sure they were compliant with the GDPR and Data protection laws and had reduced the risk of any data breaches, fines, or identity theft.

"Avena have helped improve the reliability of our service and provide certification to help show our compliance to GDPR, as this was previously an area of concern. I cannot fault their flexible service and look forward to continuing our working relationship.”.Records Manager, Gotelee Solicitors LLP

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