St Johns Primary School - Case Study

Like so many other organisations St Johns Primary School in Birmingham were using internal shredders for the destruction of their secure and confidential information, with 4 shredders around the office they would often overheat, jam or were overloaded.


So, what happens when a system is not easy to use or faulty? It breaks down and is not used. Papers are left loose to build up in a location which is difficult to track and near impossible to audit

This is exactly what happened at St Johns, their staff were completely turned off and unengaged with their shredding procedure. Working with Avena and going through a security audit, it was clear what they needed and wanted. They wanted to safeguard the school and alleviate the inconvenient and often unused current system, they needed Avena’s Securall® system implemented.

Avena’s Securall® system is all about Convenience, Control and Compliance. To ensure St Johns had the most convenient system we installed three consoles around the school to provide ease of use for their staff, and they are serviced weekly. We also wanted to safeguard them from any breaches in their data, so we implemented a total shred system. A total shred system removes all risk of human error and increases convenience by streamlining the process, everything goes in one place. Finally, with both a convenient and controllable system, St Johns could be sure they were compliant with the GDPR and Data protection laws and had reduced the risk of any data breaches, fines, or identity theft.

“It has been a please to deal with Avena from day one. The company are very professional, and the service has been first class. The shredding consoles are unobtrusive and look like a smart piece of office furniture. The drivers who collect the documents are polite and always arrived on the day the collection is scheduled for. The biggest benefit to staff is knowing the documentation is destroyed in accordance with GDPR guidelines with a certificate if destructions being provided.”Strategic Business Manager, St Johns CE Primary School

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