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Textile Recycling in Twickenham

Avena are professionals in secure uniform, garment, and textile destruction, supplying businesses with a completely tailored collection, destruction, and recycling solution throughout the UK, with SECUREBRAND ®.
100% Secure

Our confidential textile recycling solution is safe and secure from every point of view.

Complete Brand & IP Protection

Rest easy knowing your business is protected and secure with our textile destruction service.

Our Promise To The Environment

We're invested in making sure that we send zero recyclable textiles / clothing material to landfill - instead recycling as much as possible here in the UK.

Carefully Checked Workforce

Our employees are extensively checked and trained, including CRB/DBS security screening.

CCTV & Vehicle Monitoring

We've implemented technologically advanced monitoring solutions across our facilities for total peace of mind.

Clothing and Uniform Shredding in Twickenham

We are experts when it comes to secure uniform shredding and clothing destruction and recycling. Regardless of whether the end goal is to secure your organisations image or reduce the impact you have on the environment, Avena have a service to help.

Can you be confident that worn or damaged branded textiles or garments are being disposed of securely and effectively? Textile shredding from Avena offers guaranteed secure destruction as well as additional benefits to your organisation, including guaranteed protection for your brand.

Tonnes of CO2 is produced in the UK is due to textiles each year.
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Our Commitment To The Environment

For almost ten years, we've been committed to environmentally concious solutions, including clothing recycling and our promise to send zero textile waste to landfill. Talk with one of our textile recycling specialists today regarding any end-of-line, branded, fake or counterfeit garments or textiles that require collection, destruction and recycling.

Tonnes worth of textiles is sent to landfill each year

Which Items Can Be Recycled in Twickenham?

Whether it's a case of missprinted textiles, or something more sensitive like military uniform destruction, it's important to have a system in place that is working towards protecting your business from potential fraudulent activity and all damages that would arise as a subsequence.

Some of the clothes and garments we shred and recycle each and every day, include but aren't limited to:

Something you're looking recycled that's not on the list? Not a problem - speak with one of our textile professionals today about your specific requirements, we're waiting to help.

Average cost of recovering from a data breach.
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Why Work With Avena For Your Secure Textile Destruction in Twickenham?

Security is at the core of our operation, and our promise to customers new and old, is that we'll securely collect, destroy and recycle clothing and textiles as efficiently and eco-friendly as possible. The moment Avena's clients transfer branded workwear, uniforms or patterned textiles - they do so knowing that their brand and IP are protected and secure.

Organisations all over Twickenham trust Avena with their security and brand protection needs when it comes to destroying uniforms and branded textiles safely and securely - talk to our team of uniform shredding specialists today.

“When we met with Avena we were looking for a better standard of service for our recycling needs. They have certainly not let us down. Since working with Avena we have received a great level of service and timely and consistent collections. Their office located recycling units blend in with our existing furniture. We are very pleased with the product and would recommend Avena without hesitation.”

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avena textile console
The SECUREBRAND® Textile Shredding Collection Console

The SECUREBRAND® system for textile destruction enables organisations to correctly manage their brand and remove any possibility of misuse when it comes to uniform and branded workwear.

Our three-tier plan covers convenience, control, and compliance – making certain you and your business are shielded from identity theft and potential fines relating to the misuse of your brand or IP. With established credibility of security, integrity, and sustainability; organisations that partner with Avena are assured that these core values are at the heart of everything we do.

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Avena's Secure Textile Collection & Recycling Services
We Welcome Your Questions.
How Can I Reduce What I Send To Landfill With SECURBRAND®?

Working alongside a textile recycling solution like Avena means that your companies branded workwear and uniforms are securely, professionally and efficiently collected, destroyed and recycled – we’ve made a commitment to the environment to send nothing to landfill.

How Can I Protect My Brand From Identity Theft?

It’s a terrible thought, but the reality is that people with ill intent have used incorrectly discarded uniforms and branded workwear to gain unauthorised access and commit crimes. Working alongside Avena removes the possibility that something like this can happen again. Your brand is protected and your garments are securely recycled.

What Do We Do With Old Uniforms We No Longer Need?

It’s no longer enough for old and redundant workwear to be discarded. It’s important that anything that can be used to represent your brand is safely and securely handled, destroyed and recycled to prevent the possibility of allowing an unauthorised party to commit crime and cause irreparable damage to your reputation.

Why Do I Need A Uniform Shredding Service?

A uniform shredding service like Avena’s works to protect your brand, your integrity, your reputation and your business. We make the whole process stress free with minimal interaction or impact to your day to day.

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