Textile disposal has become of increasing importance in recent years as more people have begun to realise what a huge amount of clothing simply goes to landfills rather than being recycled.

Avena is playing its part in this essential textile recycling process to help prevent waste, protect the environment and reduce the risk of identity fraud should branded clothing and uniforms fall into the wrong hands.

Take a look at the latest figures relating to textile waste and learn how Avena can help your company manage clothing disposal in the most environmentally and cost-effective ways.

Avena is the only company in the UK to fully recycle textile waste and ensure zero goes to landfill. That’s right: we ensure that no textile waste goes to landfill and everything is recycled in one form or another. We have had a huge uptake in this new service – with clients ranging from clothing mills to top-end fashion brands – all of whom can now prove they are doing their bit to help the environment.


  • The United Kingdom produces 206.456 tonnes of textile waste
    in a year.
    Out of the 3.1kg of textile waste each Briton produces
    every year, only
    0.3kg is recycled and 0.4 kg is reused.
  • A dump truck full of textile waste enters landfill every second.
    Source: Stella MacCartney: One Garbage Truck of Textiles Wasted Every Second.
    Report Creates Vision For Change.
  • 100 billion items of clothing are made every year.
    Source: McKinsey: Style That’s Sustainable. A New Fast Fashion Formula.
  • Half a million tonnes of textile microplastics enters oceans
    worldwide every year.
    Source: International Union of Conservation of Nature. Primary Microplastics In
    The Oceans.
  • Only 1% of clothes are recycled effectively.
    Source: Ellen MacArthur Foundation: A New Textile Economy Redesigning Fashion’s Future.
  • 3 out of 5 t-shirts made today will enter the landfill within 12 months.
    Source: Mary Creagh. BBC: Fast Fashion Is Harming The Planet.
  • Up to 64% of regular clothing is made of plastic.
    Source: Friends of the Earth. Microfibres: The Plastics In Our Clothes.)
  • The average number of times clothes are worn before being
    discarded has
    decreased by 36%.
    Source: Ellen MacArthur Foundation: A New Textile Economy Redesigning Fashion’s Future.
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Every tonne of textiles recycled saves 3.62 cubic metres of landfill space.

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Every 3 tonnes of textiles recycled saves at least 1 tonne of CO2 entering the atmosphere.

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Avena is the only UK provider of secure destruction and 100% recycling of textiles.

Avena are making a huge difference to this problem of textile waste. Could we help you manage your clothing disposal needs?

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