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Why Certified Destruction & Recycling is Worth Every Penny

How much does secure destruction and recycling of documents, textiles, IT and media cost? What are the benefits of using a certified recycling company?

Most UK businesses have a legal obligation to dispose of waste products sustainably and responsibly. This can range from paper-based documents or electronic data storage components that hold sensitive personal information to branded uniforms and workwear, to discarded electronic office equipment and devices. Personal data must be protected, valuable recyclable materials must be harvested and the amount of material going to landfill sites or incinerators must be reduced to decrease pollution and meet carbon reduction targets.

This cannot be done without the support of a specialist data handler with the required facilities and accreditation to ensure destruction and recycling comply with data security and recycling regulations.

Of course, this is a further cost to businesses but on the other hand, it brings many benefits, some of which are potential cost-savers.

How much does secure destruction and recycling cost?

As you can imagine, the answer to this question depends on several factors:

The type and quantity of material

Paper-based documents are relatively easy to recycle. Using our secure document system, lockable consoles are located in office environments and therefore only contain waste paper so the waste doesn’t need to be separated during recycling. The same is true of textile waste if it is purely offcuts from the cutting-out process.

On the other hand, workwear and uniforms generally require specific sorting to ensure the upmost recyclability, while office equipment and devices must be stripped down to individual components to harvest various recyclable materials and safely dispose of those that are hazardous.

While larger quantities of waste recycling increase the total cost, the number of scheduled collections and amount received per collection can decrease with volume due to the economy of scale.

The frequency of waste collection and distance from the depot

As we charge based on service frequency, companies who require infrequent collection will of course pay a lower total cost. However, a higher collection frequency enables us to plan and schedule our collection routes more efficiently so in those cases, we can offer a better cost per collection. A higher collection frequency also ensures that collected waste doesn’t accumulate on your premises, creating potential safety, fire and security hazards.

The terms of your contract

For most of our customers, off-site secure destruction is quite acceptable; by employing security-vetted personnel and transporting waste in secure vehicles, the security of sensitive waste is guaranteed.

However, we also offer a premium service for customers who choose to have on-site destruction. This allows them to maintain full control of the waste from their premises to our mobile shredding unit and witness its destruction.

Signing up for a regular waste collection contract is also a more cost-efficient option than requesting ad-hoc collections, as we can offer more competitive pricing structures to companies that are prepared to commit to a longer-term partnership with us.

How can I get an accurate quote for our specific needs?

With so many factors to consider, it would be impossible to produce a definitive price list that covers all scenarios. However, we can quickly provide an accurate quote once we have established your requirements – scroll down the pricing page of our website to fill in your contact details and give us some basic information, and we’ll be back in touch promptly.

What are the benefits of using Avena for secure destruction and recycling?

We’re not the only registered data handler offering secure disposal and recycling services, and may not always be the cheapest, but that’s a good thing. If contractors are trying to compete on cost, they are inevitably taking shortcuts to do so, and shortcuts could in the long run cost you a lot more money than they claim you’ll save.

Our level of security is unrivalled

Have you ever wondered why you never see our brand on vehicle livery, while our rivals’ vans and trucks seem to be everywhere? That’s because we put a higher value on your brand’s reputation than promoting our company.

If your company is being targeted by criminals seeking personal data, branded fashion clothing, uniforms or workwear, a sign-written vehicle parked outside your premises sends a clear signal that the content might be valuable. Even advertising the security aspect on the open road can be a potential risk.

We don’t stop at an unbranded fleet, either. All our vehicles are fitted with CCTV and real-time satellite tracking devices to deter criminals and allow us to monitor and record every stage of the journey.

Everyone in our company who handles your confidential waste has also been security vetted, from those who collect and transport it, to the depot team that unloads and processes the waste.

We guarantee full compliance with data security and environmental regulations

Whether it’s the data security requirements of GDPR or the electronic waste recycling regulations of WEEE, all of our secure destruction and recycling services are fully compliant.

We also safeguard your compliance by providing you with complete audit trails and documentation, ensuring you are equipped with recognised evidence in the event of regulatory enquiries.

This can considerably reduce an investigative process which might otherwise tie up you and your team, and avoid the potential risk of heavy fines for unproven compliance.

We lead the way in sustainable solutions that protect the environment

Not content with being just another ‘shredding company’, we develop solutions that give equal priority to the environment as to the protection of your brand and data.

Our zero-waste-to-landfill policy means we recycle and repurpose as much of the waste content as possible, with the byproducts of paper and textile shredding used to create high-quality pulp and respun yarns for paper and textile manufacturing.

Our textile recycling service makes us the first company of its kind to offer fibre-to-fibre recycling, demonstrating our commitment to advancing sustainability through innovation.

We enhance your standing with your customers

Winning the trust and confidence of customers when the security stakes are high takes time and diligence, but can be quickly lost if that trust is broken by a security breach. With Avena at your side, you can assure them you are taking robust measures to protect their commercial interests and reputation.

If they are entrusting you with their data, you can give them peace of mind that you are guarding it even after you stop using it.

If you manufacture textiles or garments for other brands or organisations, you have the evidence to assure them that their intellectual property or identity is safe with you.

By partnering with Avena, you can also prove to your stakeholders that you too are taking positive, measurable steps towards a more sustainable economy.

We help you run leaner and for less

We restructure or eliminate many waste management requirements, using processes and technology to reduce administration.

Many companies use valuable space (or even rent additional warehousing) to store redundant electronic equipment, surplus stock, discarded workwear or outdated archives. Our cost-efficient and secure services help release space for more productive use and reduce overheads.

Want to know what a secure destruction and recycling service could look like for your company? Speak to one of our industry experts today.

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