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Have you got a policy in place for the secure destruction of paper being produced at home? I know what you’re thinking: our home workers are not allowed to print. However, you and I both know two things:
  1. If they want to print, they will print.
  2. Printing is not the only way to produce sensitive paperwork.
If your employees are anything like me, they’ll have notebooks, sticky notes, refill pads, and the list goes on. With that in mind and so many people working from home, it is hard to keep track of your sensitive data. At Avena, we have developed a solution that can help you and your business mitigate the risk of what is produced on paper.  Our RemoteShred System for confidential document shredding ensures businesses correctly manage their sensitive data whilst having employees working from home. Our three foundation pillars of our brand and the journey that we take to ensure that through convenience, control and compliance you, your business and your clients are safeguarded from data breaches, fines and identity theft. Introducing our RemoteShred System into your home workers ensures that your data is destroyed according to GDPR compliance, once destroyed we will provide you with a full audit trail so you can be sure you are compliant. No matter your requirement, please contact us today, one of our specialists are waiting to help.

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