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Confidential Waste Disposal in Staffordshire

We provide secure data destruction and document shredding services, tailored to your requirements with SECURALL®.
Entirely Secure Solution

The Avena secure data destruction services are safe and secure from every angle.

GDPR Compliant

Our solutions are designed with GDPR compliance at their heart.

Paper Recycled in the UK

All paper waste is entirely repurposed within the UK, doing our bit for the environment at every opportunity.

Carefully Vetted Staff

Our workers are carefully vetted and trained, with CRB/DBS security screening as standard.

CCTV & Vehicle Monitoring

We've added advanced vehicle monitoring solutions across our business for complete peace of mind.

Data Destruction Services in Staffordshire

Avena are a body of specialists committed to securely collecting, handling and destroying confidential waste data for organisations across Staffordshire.

We work closely with Staffordshire based businesses and government bodies throughout the Education, Healthcare, Finance and Legal sectors to assist maintain GDPR compliance across their organisations.

Avena's secure document destruction solutions ensure you and your business are protected against any chance of data breach, associated penalties, and identity theft.

With a vast fleet of vans, nationwide coverage, an efficient QR code scan system that alerts Avena when bins are full, and knowledge of BS-EN 15713:2009 compliant working we have become a premier partner for confidential paper shredding throughout the United Kingdom.

What is Confidential Waste?

Confidential waste is any type of information or material that conveys sensitive or private information that needs to be protected from unauthorised access or disclosure.

Usually, confidential waste would include documents, files, records, digital media, or physical items that contain personal, financial, legal, or other confidential information. It's vital that confidential waste is handled and destroyed securely to prevent data breaches, identity theft, or other forms of unauthorised access that could potentially harm individuals or organisations.

Below are some of the different types of secure data that we dispose of on a daily basis.

Frequent Confidential Waste Destruction in Staffordshire

Our team work with a wide variety of business types across a wealth of sectors - every one with their own needs when it comes to securely handling, destroying and disposing of confidential paper.

This is why we take a consultative method when working with new clients - we collaborate with you to help determine a schedule for best results. Here we'll calculate the amount of confidential waste your organisation produces, which of our products will best suit your requirements, and how often we expect collections will be required to keep things in check.

Reach out to one of our specialists today to get started - they're here to help!

"Avena has helped improve the reliability of our confidential document destruction service. They provide certification to prove our compliance to GDPR, which was previously an area of concern. I cannot fault their flexible service, and I look forward to continuing our working relationship."

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Our Confidential Waste Management Services
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Does SECURALL® Help With GDPR Compliance?

Absolutely. Avena work to the highest standards when it comes to security and compliance and ensuring that your confidential waste is handled, destroyed and disposed of by people who understand the rules and regulations surrounding GDPR is vital to maintaining compliance and protecting your brand from potential infractions.

Is Evidence Of Secure Destruction Provided?
Always. Avena will issue an electronic note of secure destruction the following working day from when your confidential waste was collected. The destruction note will contain specifics on the quantity and type of confidential waste we collected, and confirmation that we’ve destroyed it securely – giving you and your business complete peace of mind.
How Can We Reduce The Risk & Cost Of A Data Breach?

By working alongside a professional confidential waste disposal company such as Avena, you’re ensuring that any personal and private waste is securely collected, destroyed and disposed of to the highest standards – absolving you of any potential risks, and therefore costs associated with the mishandling and possible misuse of the data.

What Is The Cost For Secure Confidential Waste Disposal With SECURALL®?

As every business has varied requirements, it would be impossible to provide a quotation without a few details. Schedule a quick call with one of our specialists and they’ll be able to provide accurate costing information.

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