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Success Through Sustainability: Logistics and Transport

An overview of the challenges the logistics sector must overcome to maintain sustainability and how Avena Group can help logistics companies get ahead.

Like many industries, the logistics sector is passing through a perfect storm of circumstances that in combination, make sustainability almost seem an impossible task. In this blog post, we take a look at these conditions and offer a few suggestions for how Avena Group can help the sector meet them.

Politics and Pandemics

Four years on from the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union, the complications of Brexit still plague the sector. More complex trade regulations, more stringent customs procedures and delays at border control have impacted the smooth flow of goods between the UK and EU.

It’s also four years since the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted global supply chains to an almost incomprehensible scale; transportation costs, availability of shipping containers, and the availability of labour and material supply were all affected. Even now, this disruption continues to impact the sector through inventory management and delivery scheduling, while driver shortage is still an issue.

In the meantime, progress continues unabated to clean up the industry in terms of carbon emissions and green energy.

The Challenges (and how to face them)

Environmental Regulations

logistics and sustainability

With sustainability and other environmental issues still high on the agenda for many Western governments, logistics companies find themselves under increasing pressure to adopt greener business practices such as carbon emission reductions and greater use of eco-friendly packaging materials.

Such changes generally incur additional costs, as adjustments to operational procedures also need to be documented as proof of environmental compliance.

An example of this is Wales new workplace recycling laws coming into effect in April 2024 which states ‘it will become law for all businesses, charities and public sector organisations to sort their waste for recycling.’

How can Avena help?

Each of our three secure destruction and recycling services delivers a demonstrable reduction in CO2 emissions.

SECURALL – secure destruction and recycling of paper-based data that guarantees full GDPR compliance and produces premium-quality shredded paper for recycling. Our waste management contract system reduces the carbon footprint of vehicles used to collect documents for shredding and for sending shredded waste to recycling.

SECURETECH –  secure destruction of electronic equipment, with all recycling meeting WEEE requirements and destruction of data storage components such as hard drives in conformity with GDPR. By salvaging all recyclable components from electronic waste and safely disposing of potentially hazardous materials, we reduce the volume of waste going to landfills, protect the environment against contamination and return valuable resources to the manufacturing stream.

SECUREBRAND – secure destruction and recycling of textiles and garments. As already described, our secure workwear processing service protects not only your brand and commercial interests but also the environment. Recycling fibres into new yarns reduces the demand for virgin material, while other byproducts extend the useful life of the fibres.

We can also help you create an Environmental Impact Statement to support your actions towards developing a more sustainable business model.


A reasonable amount of competition is a good sign of a healthy industry, but the logistics sector is inundated with companies vying for market share. While price and service undoubtedly play key roles in determining your success in the market, sustainability is another factor that carries weight with customers; remember, they too are under the same pressure to provide a greener alternative!

Branded workwear is one way in which you can differentiate your logistics company in a crowded market. A well-designed, instantly recognisable uniform for all your fleet drivers will project a professional image to reflect the professionalism of your company wherever your drivers are seen.

How can Avena help?

Maintaining this smart appearance every day can be challenging with everything that life throws at the workwear, from traffic film, fuel and lubricant spillages to general wear and tear. Regularly issuing new workwear can seem wasteful, but tired and grubby uniforms will probably cost you more in terms of brand image.

SECUREBRAND textile and garment destruction and recycling is your answer. By shredding workwear into individual fibres, this process removes unsightly clothing from circulation yet repurposes the fibres into new products with an extremely high percentage of the garment being reused.

Advertising a policy of workwear recycling will also differentiate you in the market as a company that is smart, efficient and environmentally responsible.

Regulatory Compliance

Transportation, labour, safety, data protection and waste management all demand compliance with regulations, and this requires ongoing monitoring of operations to maintain compliance while being aware of and responding to changes in legislation. Compliance often extends to the subcontractors you use.

How can Avena help?

Using Avena for all your secure destruction and recycling requirements will give you peace of mind.

  • We are an ISO 9001 company and as such operate documented quality management systems
  • As an ISO 14001-accredited company we are pledged to sound environmental management policies and practices
  • We are also ISO 45001-accredited, which means we are committed to occupational health and safety
  • Our BSEN:15713-2009 compliance ensures your confidential waste is destroyed following GDPR requirements, while our collection and destruction teams are all vetted to BS7858 to ensure the security of your data.

The Benefits of Our Services for Your Business:

  1. Stay ahead in a competitive market: Secure destruction and recycling services help businesses maintain competitiveness by ensuring compliance with data protection regulations and fostering trust through proper disposal of sensitive data.
  2. Reduces the risk of breaches & impersonation attempts: Secure disposal minimizes the risk of data breaches and identity theft, enhancing security and protecting both businesses and consumers from cybercrimes.
  3. Demonstrable reduction in CO2 emissions: Recycling e-waste reduces carbon footprint by conserving resources and energy, demonstrating environmental responsibility and contributing to sustainability goals.
  4. Appeals to eco-friendly businesses & consumers: Emphasizing secure destruction and recycling attracts environmentally conscious customers and enhances brand perception, aligning with growing market preferences for sustainability.
  5. Secures data, brand & intellectual property: Proper disposal safeguards sensitive data, preserves brand reputation, and protects intellectual property, ensuring compliance, trust, and competitive advantage.

Client testimonials:


dpd logo e1710256027248DPD – ”The solution for the disposal of our corporate uniforms has put a controlled system in place across all of our sites. We now have the assurance that the uniform is being destroyed to the high standards we would expect to protect our brand. This solution ensures that our uniforms are being recycled ethically and securely.”


Martin Brower Logo e1710256102959Martin Brower – “We’re really pleased to announce that we’ve entered a partnership with Avena Group to provide a secure uniform recycling service across our network. Each of our distribution centres have been kitted out with a SecureBrand console which can be filled with end-of-life branded workwear for onward sustainable disposal. Avena’s service ensures that no Martin Brower UK & Ireland items end up in landfill as we continue to work towards meeting our net zero targets.”

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