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How Much Does Secure Shredding Cost?

Avena are a trusted partner for businesses and government bodies throughout the UK. Our secure shredding and recycling solutions span paper, textiles and electrical items with a strong focus on our clients security and reducing waste that's able to enter the environment - but how much does it cost?

Our confidential disposal solutions start from as little as £19, but as you might expect, there are questions and variables that will have an impact on the cost of secure shredding - let's dive in.


Material Type

Our solutions cover paper, textiles and electronic equipment and each of these requires a different process to effectively recycle – let us know what we’re dealing with and we can send through an accurate cost.


Distance from Depot

Depending on your location, sometimes we’ll need to introduce a travel fee to cover increased distances from one of our recycling depots. Provide some more information below and we’ll let you know.

Collection Frequency

We’re able to reduce the cost-per-collection when we’re visiting sites more frequently – it allows us to schedule and plan more efficiently, and we’re able to remove unwanted waste from your business more often.



An obvious variable when it comes to how we price our secure shredding solutions, is quantity. We work alongside clients to estimate possible requirements and generate an accurate quotation.


On-Site / Off-Site

Our confidential waste solutions are available both on and off-site. Our on-site shredding services are offered as a premium service to those customers who need to witness the secure destruction of sensitive material.

Ad-Hoc / Contract

Customers who choose to enter into a partnership with Avena for the foreseeable future have access to better pricing structures against all of our shredding services.

We Might Not Be The Cheapest. That's A Good Thing.

Here are a few things that set the Avena service apart from competing offerings, and why they're important to consider when choosing a partner to work with on your business shredding needs.


Leading The Way In Sustainable Recycling Solutions

Innovation is a driving force behind Avena and why we do what we do. Our team are proud to be the first company of our kind to provide fibre-to-fibre recycling on textiles.

Unrivalled In Security Within The Sector

We prioritise your company brand, data and IP over the benefits of advertising our company through branded vehicle livery. We hope this illustrates our commitment to our service and the clients who partner with us. Our fleet stays unbranded, so your data stays secure.

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A Strong Focus On The Environment

While we are a shredding company at our core, everything we offer and strive for has the benefit of the environment in mind. Our solutions are built around making the planet a better place – item by item.
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We Adhere To Regulations To Ensure You're Compliant

Each of Avena’s solutions covering documents, textiles and IT media (known as WEEE Waste) come with complete destruction audit trails, so you’re prepared for any and all regulatory enquiries.

Get A Quote

To get a quote for shredding or destruction services, please fill in the contact form and a member of our support team will contact you within 24 hours.