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Confidential Waste Disposal & Shredding Services in Luton

If you own or work for a business in Luton and handle personal data, are you fully compliant with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements?

Protecting Luton businesses, and their clients.

The consequences of electronically-stored data theft are so serious that many companies allocate a sizeable percentage of their budget to systems protection, but personal information stored in printed format is also vulnerable and therefore covered by General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

To comply with GDPR, all printed records containing personal data (any information that identifies a living person) must be securely placed in locked storage with restricted access. When the information is no longer required, the documents must be destroyed in such a way that it is impossible to retrieve the information.

There are other reasons why document shredding is the preferred means of disposal; for example, to destroy documents relating to product development, pricing structures, or other commercially-sensitive information.

While many offices have an electrically-powered shredding machine, these may not meet legal requirements as GDPR compliance requires the paper to be shredded within a specified width and length. Office shredders are also often limited to taking small quantities at a time and prone to jamming. Confidential documents left lying around while waiting for the shredder to become available or repair can result in a data breach.

Companies that take GDPR and information protection seriously will use a confidential waste destruction service provider such as Avena. Operating throughout Luton and the surrounding area, we safeguard the security of your confidential waste from the moment you dispose of it until it has been destroyed. Our powerful shredding machinery ensures fast and efficient document destruction in large volumes, and will even take small amounts of data storage devices such as flash drives and discs along with the paper waste.

Secure GDPR-Compliant Document Shredding

Our secure confidential waste destruction services are used by public and private sector organisations of all sizes throughout Luton, with three shredding service options that can be tailored to provide a GDPR-compliant service that fits your organisation.

Off-Site Shredding

The SECURALL document destruction system is exclusive to Avena and uses lockable document disposal consoles that blend unobtrusively with any office environment but prevent documents from being removed.

The console is fitted with a personalised QR code for you to scan when it needs emptying, automatically alerting us so we can schedule a collection.

On arrival, our BS7858 security vetted, DBS checked customer service representative will unlock the console and transfer the contents directly to one of our specially adapted secure vans. These are fitted with CCTV cameras and 24/7 real-time satellite tracking, and carry no signage that could inform the public that they are carrying confidential waste.

The vans then transport the discarded documents to our shredding facility, where CCTV and security vetting of operations personnel continue to protect your data throughout the destruction process.

On-Site Shredding

Document destruction at your premises can sometimes be the preferable choice; you may for example have a large number of documents to be shredded as a bulk consignment, and some clients prefer the extra peace of mind that comes from the destruction being carried out before the documents leave the premises. If you wish, you can even carry the files out to our vehicle-mounted shredding unit and witness the shredding process in action.

One further difference with on-site shredding is that the certificate of destruction you keep on file in case of a GDPR audit will be issued as soon as the destruction is complete. On-site certificates will be sent to you once destruction has been carried out at our shredding facility.

Textile Destruction And Recycling

In a society striving to recycle and repurpose wherever possible to reduce consumption and carbon footprint, it may seem strange to know that we also shred used clothing and textiles with Avena SECUREBRAND, but there are valid reasons for this and it’s greener than you may think.

Stopping Impersonators

Some people get a thrill out of impersonating members of the emergency and security services, and while there may be no criminal or commercially-driven motive, their actions put lives at risk.

Uniforms that identify persons as employees of recognised organisations such as utility providers and charities can be used to fraudulently persuade vulnerable people into allowing access to their private homes or parting with large sums of money

Posing as a bona fide member of staff can allow unscrupulous persons to gain access to restricted areas.

If improper use of your corporate workwear could potentially damage your commercial interests, facilitate criminal activity or put lives at risk, secure destruction of clothing used by former employees or superseded by new designs can prevent it.

Protecting Brands

Some fashion clothing brands will go to great lengths to protect the value of their brand, including shredding garments with manufacturing defects and end-of-season surplus stock. Law enforcement agencies may also destroy seized counterfeit fashion items to protect the value of genuine brands.

Keeping It Green

Avena is an ISO 14001 certified company committed to reducing the environmental impact of landfill, so the fibres produced by our textile shredding process are used in the manufacture of other products; one example is the sound-absorbent filling of acoustic office screens.

Electrical And Electronic Waste Disposal

Anyone disposing of used electrical and electronic goods – not just equipment manufacturers and resellers – has to comply with WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) regulations.

Electrical and electronic products form a significant proportion of the post-consumer waste that, with little to no resale value, once congested landfill sites. With some components made from easily recyclable materials such as steel, aluminum, and plastic, and other components frequently containing environmentally hazardous substances, WEEE has been introduced to ensure these products are recycled where possible and responsibly disposed of.

In the office, WEEE applies to a wide range of equipment, including:

  • Computers and laptops
  • Laser and inkjet printers
  • Servers
  • Network switches, hubs, routers and firewalls
  • Other miscellaneous IT equipment
  • Coffee machines, kettles, fridges, etc.

Avena SECURETECH can ensure you comply with WEEE when you dispose of redundant office equipment, and if it contains data storage components (for example, hard drives on computers and laptops) we can ensure these are removed and destroyed in compliance with GDPR.

Your Secure Data Destruction In Our Safe Hands

With clients in the education, finance, healthcare, and legal sectors we must be able to demonstrate our competence and integrity.

We follow the BSEN:15713-2009 Code of Practice to ensure your confidential waste is destroyed following GDPR requirements, and hold the following certification:

  • ISO 9001 – guaranteeing consistent service quality and security procedures are adhered to at all times
  • ISO 14001 – demonstrating our commitment to the environment through effective waste management
  • ISO 45001 – ensuring we consistently provide safe working conditions at our shredding facility, in our offices and vehicles, and at our mobile shredding locations

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A confidential and comprehensive paper shredding and recycling service that is specifically tailored to each individual customer’s needs. 

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A tailored collection, destruction, and recycling service for clothing, garment, textile, and uniform disposal throughout the UK.  

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A fully audited and secure IT and media destruction service that complies with the strict regulations set by WEEE regulations 2013. 

Coverage Across Luton

We provide secure destruction services across all of Luton, including:

  • Aley Green
  • Ampthill
  • Barnfield
  • Barton-Le-Clay
  • Bidwell
  • Biscot
  • Bragenham
  • Bramingham
  • Briggington
  • Burcott
  • Bury Park
  • Bushmead
  • Butterfield Green
  • Caddington
  • Capability Green
  • Chalgrave
  • Challney
  • Chalton
  • Chapel Langley
  • Cheddington
  • Chelmscote
  • Chiltern Green
  • Clipstone
  • Cockernhoe
  • Crafton
  • Crawley Green
  • Cublington
  • East Hyde
  • Eaton Bray
  • Edlesborough
  • Eggington
  • Fancott
  • Farley Hill
  • Flamstead
  • Flitton
  • Flitwick
  • Great Billington
  • Greenfield
  • Grove
  • Harlington
  • Hart Hill
  • Heath and Reach
  • Hexton
  • High Town
  • Hockliffe
  • Hockwell Ring
  • Hollingdon
  • Holywell
  • Horton
  • Houghton Regis
  • Ivinghoe
  • Ivinghoe Aston
  • Kensworth
  • Kinsbourne Green
  • Lawrence End
  • Leagrave
  • Ledburn
  • Leedon
  • Leighton Buzzard
  • Lewsey
  • Lewsey Farm
  • Lewsey Park
  • Lilley
  • Limbury
  • Little Billington
  • London Farm
  • London Luton Airport
  • Lower Gravenhurst
  • Lower Sundon
  • Lower Woodside
  • Maidenhall
  • Marsh Farm
  • Mentmore
  • Napier Park
  • New Mill End
  • New Town
  • Northall
  • Offley
  • Park Town
  • Pepperstock
  • Peters Green
  • Pitstone
  • Pulloxhill
  • Putteridge
  • Putteridge Bury
  • Ramridge End
  • Round Green
  • Runfold
  • Saints
  • Sewell
  • Shillington
  • Silsoe
  • Skimpot
  • Slapton
  • Slip End
  • Soulbury
  • South
  • Stanbridge
  • Stewkley
  • Stockgrove
  • Stopsley
  • Streatley
  • Studham
  • Sundon
  • Sundon Park
  • Tea Green
  • Tebworth
  • The Hyde
  • Thorn
  • Tilsworth
  • Tin Town
  • Tingrith
  • Toddington
  • Tophill
  • Totternhoe
  • Upper Gravenhurst
  • Vauxhall Park
  • Wandon End
  • Wandon Green
  • Warden Hill
  • Whipsnade
  • Wigmore
  • Winch Hill
  • Wing
  • Wingfield
  • Woodside

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Telephone: 0845 5219892

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