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DPD Group – Case Study

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"We now have the assurance that our uniforms are being destroyed to the high standards that we would expect to protect our brand."

About DPD

DPD is a leading provider of parcel delivery services here in the UK. They have become a household name that boasts a nationwide network of depots. Avena recently had the honour of establishing a business relationship with DPD to meet their objectives of security and environmental management. As a secure and sustainable brand ourselves, we are successfully supporting their goals.

The Challenge

The possibility of discarded DPD uniforms falling into the wrong hands and being used to access secure locations or con members of the public had become a threat that the company couldn’t accept. All used workwear therefore must be securely destroyed to prevent this from happening.

However, simply destroying this quantity of garments would raise serious environmental concerns, as too much textile waste already goes to landfill. A solution was required that would protect the company, the public and the environment.

The Solution

SECUREBRAND® from Avena Group provided just the solution that DPD was looking for. A combination of secure textile destruction and recycling, this service was able to give DPD complete peace of mind that they could sustainably maintain the integrity of their brand.

Avena’s security-vetted personnel collect end-of-life workwear and uniforms from clients’ premises and transport them to Avena’s secure shredding facility in vehicles fitted with CCTV and real-time satellite tracking. Once the garments have been shredded, they are baled and sent to recycling mills where they are processed according to Avena’s 3-tier recycling system.

Tier 1 fibres are the best quality. These can be respun into new yarn and used to make new fabrics.

Tier 2 fibres are used to make sound-absorbing panels in cars and acoustic office screens, geotextiles, and upholstery padding.

The very small percentage of tier 3 material left over is used to generate sustainable energy.

The Result

Avena installed specially designed SECUREBRAND®

containers at DPD sites across UK to provide a secure and convenient point for their thousands of staff to dispose of worn, soiled or damaged workwear.

Every site has a tailored service suited to their needs and are visited within a 12-week period. Each site is visited by Avena’s collection team, and the containers are emptied; this ensures streamlined operations at each site without unwanted and unsafe accumulation of used clothing. Regular communication is maintained with all depots and hubs to ensure collections keep pace with the company’s disposal fluctuations and growth.

Avena’s “zero waste-to-landfill” policy ensures that 100% of DPD’s textile waste is recycled or repurposed sustainably. Documentation is also provided to record all collections of used workwear and the tonnages that are recycled, giving DPD accurate data to support their progress towards becoming the UK’s leader in sustainable delivery.

"The solution for the disposal of our corporate uniforms has put a controlled system in place across all of our sites. We now have the assurance that the uniform is being destroyed to the high standards we would expect to protect our brand. This solution ensures that our uniforms are being recycled ethically and securely.''

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