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DPD Group – Case Study

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"We now have the assurance that our uniforms are being destroyed to the high standards that we would expect to protect our brand."

About DPD

DPD is a leading provider of parcel delivery services here in the UK. They have become a household name that boasts a nationwide network of depots. Avena recently had the honour of establishing a business relationship with DPD to meet their objectives of security and environmental management. As a secure and sustainable brand ourselves, we are successfully supporting their goals.

What Solution Did Avena Provide?

DPD group were looking for a secure uniform recycling solution for all of their worn employee uniforms. Avena were effortlessly able to provide this solution in the form of SecureBrand.

Why Is Secure Uniform Recycling And Destruction So Important?

The secure destruction of branded uniform is critical as it may be at high risk of fraud. It can be of large value to criminals who wish to wear it to pose as DPD drivers to access secure locations. Therefore, a breach in uniform whereby non-employees gain access poses a real risk to DPD group and others.

Our Secure Uniform Recycling Solution

Cue: SecureBrand. Our solution is the best way for companies like DPD group to dispose of their corporate workwear. We installed a container at every site to ensure that thousands of DPD staff across the country now have a secure place to deposit their used clothing for recycling. With DPD being a logistics company, they decided to take advantage of our scheduled collections. Not only are they convenient, but they also reduce risk. Our collection team visits every DPD site every 12 weeks. A service this regular maintains a smooth operation and ensures that there is no unnecessary build-up.

Avena’s secure uniform recycling is a safe and sustainable solution. Their clothing is securely disposed of and baled. It is then delivered to various recycling mills for it to be put through a process that splits the bales and stretches the fibres. This produces a new material that can be recycled in a number of ways. For example, for insulation and geotextiles. For more on our textile recycling programmes, you can read our Textile Destruction and Recycling service information.

''The solution for the disposal of our corporate uniforms has put a controlled system in place across all of our sites. We now have the assurance that the uniform is being destroyed to the high standards we would expect to protect our brand. This solution ensures that our uniforms are being recycled ethically and securely.''

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