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With mobile shredding from Avena, you can be sure your company is secure and fully compliant. You will see your confidential data destroyed right there before your eyes. Expensive fines and damage to your reputation can become a reality if companies do not comply with the legal obligation to dispose of confidential waste and you also run risks around the growing problem of identity theft. Companies and individuals in need of mobile shredding services will benefit from our years of experience and eco-friendly credentials. After the confidential document shredding process is complete, Avena will issue you a Certificate of Destruction to confirm materials have been securely destroyed in compliance with BS EN 15713. Are you worried about confidential data and documents around the home? An ideal solution to that is RemoteShred Offices, hospitals and schools have the option to utilise our SECURALL document shredding service that offers secure-bin collection and confidential destruction via the SECURALL app.

Shredding & Data Destruction Services Tailored To Your Organisation’s Needs

At Avena Group we have adopted a consultative approach that takes into account how your organisation operates to create a bespoke solution that is tailored for the perfect fit ensuring a fully secure, cost-effective and hassle-free service. We can offer on-site or off-site shredding for office-based organisations, and our remote document shredding service for those working from home, or a combination of all three. SECURALL uses scannable QR codes and a smartphone app to let us know when waste is ready for destruction.  This means you don’t get charged for empty bin ‘collections’. All waste is transported in our own fleet of vans that are equipped with CCTV camera monitoring and real-time satellite tracking for security. All our waste collection and destruction personnel are BS7858 security vetted and  DBS checked.  At our CCTV-protected destruction site, heavy-duty industrial shredding machinery reduces waste paper to fine particles, before it gets recycled. Our team is ready and willing to discuss your document shredding or other data destruction requirements today and give you peace of mind.

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