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We provide a confidential waste disposal and information shredding service for companies to ensure the secure disposal of confidential waste in line with GDPR.

Secure confidential waste disposal service solution for offices and personal document disposal.

Confidential Paper Disposal

As soon as this information becomes available in printed format, documents must be stored and ultimately disposed of in a manner that satisfies GDPR compliance.  Domestic paper shredding machines cannot always be relied on to destroy documents sufficiently, and adding the shredded paper to domestic waste could be a breach of GDPR.

For Household and Personal Needs

Avena’s domestic shredding services are not only for companies.  With the trend of paperless and digital transactions and receipts, household paper waste and personal confidential documents are becoming less of a challenge. But, that being said, there are still many persons that prefer a paper bank statement or utility bill. In addition to this, there are certain legal and confidential documents that are still printed such as house deeds, personal wills, contracts etc.

Identity theft and identity cloning are on the rise and the best way to protect your identity and any confidential information is to destroy it completely to save it from falling into the wrong hands and being used by unscrupulous persons.

With Avena, you could collect all of your old and unneeded statements and other confidential documents and schedule an on-site or off-site shredding service and have the peace of mind that your confidential documents will be destroyed entirely and get a certificate to prove it.

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When working with Avena, you can be sure that you will receive via our PROTECTR System a shredding solution that best suits your needs. Our services within this system includes:

  • Data Destruction Security Risk Assessments
  • Off-site secure shredding services
  • On-site secure shredding services
  • Witnessed destruction
  • Regular collection service
  • Fully auditable destruction certification
  • Bespoke PROTECTR collection receptacles

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