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Ensuring you have the best practices in place for the destruction of all your secure information.

Confidential shredding, destruction, recycling and disposal services for peace of mind.

Using Avena’s industry-leading PROTECTR® audit consultation service is a well-proven route for assessing your confidential waste disposal needs in detail. From hospitals to city banks, schools, charities, and universities, we bring cutting-edge best practice and tailored advice. Each industry and organisation has different challenges, so one of our trained confidential data destruction experts will work with you to create a secure system of data and identity protection. Depending on what best suits your needs, we can offer secure data destruction and recycling of documents, IT equipment, ID cards and company uniforms to prevent identity theft and physical data breaches.

Our proven methodology in assessing and providing a credible secure confidential shredding and data destruction system is brought together through our PROTECTR® System. The system ensures you have the best practices in place for the destruction of your secure information. Developed with our customer-first ethos and secure shredding processes established with integrity at the centre, PROTECTR® assures you are working with a document data security specialist with your best interests at heart.

PROTECTR® works to make sure no one treats your confidential documents, IT, or clothing; as waste, confidential waste, or any other form of waste. Waste implies it is rubbish and that it can just be thrown out and never thought of again. We treat it as secure and confidential information that must be destroyed in a timely and responsible way.

During our first consultation, one of our specialists will go through a security audit with you so that we thoroughly understand and can make recommendations that reflect your confidential waste disposal needs. Our PROTECTR® service is designed to run smoothly in the background, so much so that our confidential shredding consoles are designed to blend in with your office surroundings and become part of the office interior – simply scan the QR code and we collect.


We know that to make changes in any organisation, you need every colleague to buy in. We ensure our service is simple to follow and convenient for all.


We help you introduce a total shred policy. We encourage you to remove the decision making process from your staff, no longer do they need to decide if it confidential or not. If its paper, put it in the confidential disposal bin. Just total shred every document.


Through achieving convenience and control comes peace of mind in being compliant. Compliance can be complicated; we ensure your document shredding system is convenient and controllable.

These pillars are each used to assess risk and compile a comprehensive report to ascertain what is the optimum confidential paper disposal process for your organisation. For example, our off-site shredding service may be the best fit for you.

Developed with our customer-first ethos, and secure paper disposal, hard drives and servers, PC’s laptops and textiles, and uniforms, PROTECTR® confidential waste disposal gives you peace of mind in terms of GDPR compliance.

It embraces a range of materials that can be disposed of like almost no other vendor can offer and means the nightmare of identity theft – even from old uniforms as well as documents – is treated as it should be.

We treat your confidential waste as secure and confidential information that must be destroyed in a timely and appropriate way. Using our innovative online platform within PROTECTR® means that confidential waste bins are only uplifted when they are full – increasing efficiency and reducing your costs.

If you would like us to conduct a bespoke security audit or would like to hear more about our secure and confidential waste disposal system, please contact us today on 0845 5219 892.

Providing paper shredding service costs that gives you excellent value is our modus operandi with SECURALL which is why we have feedback like this from an NHS Hospital:

“Avena’s Securall Management Platform has given us better control over data destruction at a departmental level and improved waste management efficiency. The new system also restricts the time Avena spends on-site and reduces their movement between departments, which is an added benefit. I would have no hesitation in recommending Avena and the Securall system to every hospital and healthcare provider”.

Estates and Facilities Manager, Colchester Hospital

Read more about our off-site shredding service.

Don’t think this is the choice for you? Prefer to see your confidential information securely disposed of in front of you? Maybe our on-site confidential shredding service is just what you need.


A confidential and comprehensive paper shredding and recycling service that is specifically tailored to each individual customer’s needs. 

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A tailored collection, destruction, and recycling service for clothing, garment, textile, and uniform disposal throughout the UK.  

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A fully audited and secure IT and media destruction service that complies with the strict regulations set by WEEE regulations 2013. 

“It is SECURALL that makes Avena unique. It is not about a tangible product or a service, but it is about a journey. We take every client on that journey. It is the way we ensure that we get it right. It is the way we know our clients are protected. This is our mission. If we only do what has always been done, our clients will always get what they have always got. It is the journey we take that sets us apart.”

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