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Forterra Takes Aim at the Fabric of Net Zero Goals

Building products manufacturer Forterra provides workwear to all of its personnel working both offsite and at 17 manufacturing locations. So when they studied how they could implement meaningful net zero policies across the company, disposal of old and worn out workwear came under scrutiny.

They knew that under their existing workwear disposal scheme they were probably contributing to landfill, and this was no longer acceptable. A new, more sustainable approach was required.

Sustainable textile recycling with SECUREBRAND®

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The answer came in the form of SECUREBRAND®, a textile disposal and recycling service from Avena Group and the only UK alternative to incineration or landfill for used workwear. With their “zero waste-to-landfill” policy as the cornerstone of their operations, Avena were the ideal partner for Forterra in their drive to achieve their net zero goals.

This service ticked so many practical sustainability boxes that Forterra was impressed enough to carry out trials at its manufacturing facility at King’s Dyke, near Peterborough.

For a start, SECUREBRAND® provides on-site disposal bins, conveniently placed for personnel working on the site to dispose of old workwear and for offsite staff to use when they visit.

SECUREBRAND® also uses technology to determine when the bins are full and trigger a request to empty them. This means that Avena Group is never called to site to empty half-full bins, so there is a significant reduction in the collection service’s carbon footprint.

The discarded workwear is then sorted into three categories:

  • Level 1 breaks textiles down into fibres that can be respun to make new fabrics
  • Level 2 fibres are used to manufacture material for purposes such as upholstery padding and acoustic insulation
  • Level 3 material is the small residue that cannot be remanufactured and is converted into fuel for energy generation.

Workwear Recycling Success And Rollout

forterra king dyke siteFollowing the success of the trials at King’s Dyke, Forterra rolled out the SECUREBRAND® scheme to all 17 manufacturing sites. The company now has a streamlined, carbon-efficient workwear disposal scheme that works for all of their personnel. As each collection of workwear is documented by Avena, Forterra also has certification to prove their responsible, sustainable approach in the event of an environmental audit.

In addition to the sustainable efficiency of the SECUREBRAND® system, Forterra now has the satisfaction of knowing that every discarded item of workwear is being given another chance to become a new garment or product.

David Manley, their Head of Sustainability, is enthusiastic.

“As a business we’re looking into every aspect of our operations to work more sustainably, from our manufacturing processes to our energy sources. We have set ambitious ESG targets to reduce our carbon emissions by a further 32% by 2030, and I’m very proud that we’re on our way to achieving them.

“350,000 tonnes of textiles are sent to landfill each year, and we’re delighted that Forterra will no longer be contributing to that figure.”

The SECUREBRAND® contract is just one of a series of measures that Forterra is taking to drive sustainability, including:

  • the installation of a solar farm to supply 70% of the company’s electricity needs by 2025
  • a reduction in single-use plastics to wrap its products
  • running all mobile machinery at its Measham facility on HVO (biodiesel)
  • a £21 million investment in its haulage fleet to reduce carbon emissions.

Forterra is demonstrating how manufacturers can make meaningful strides towards net zero by implementing multiple sustainability measures including responsible disposal of old workwear. If you would like to join them on this journey, fill out the register your interest form below and an industry expert will get in touch with you soon.

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