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Our Transition To Net Zero


Avena Environmental Ltd is delighted to announce a strategic partnership with NEWANGLIA, a forward-thinking organisation that provides grants and funding to support companies in achieving a net-zero carbon footprint. As sustainability becomes an increasingly crucial aspect of business operations, this collaboration underscores our commitment to environmental responsibility and positions us as a key player in the journey towards a more sustainable future.

Combatting Climbing Change

In alignment with global efforts to combat climate change, Avena Environmental Ltd recognises the urgency of reducing our carbon footprint. The partnership with NEWANGLIA allows us to access vital resources that will facilitate the implementation of eco-friendly practices, reinforcing our dedication to environmental stewardship. By actively participating in initiatives that promote sustainability, we aim not only to meet regulatory expectations but to exceed them, setting a precedent for responsible business practices within our industry.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

The impact of reducing our carbon footprint extends far beyond our company walls. As we adopt cleaner technologies, improve energy efficiency, and implement sustainable practices, we contribute to the preservation of our environment. This not only addresses the immediate concerns of climate change but also fosters a healthier planet for future generations. Avena Environmental Ltd recognises the interconnectedness of business operations and environmental well-being, and through this partnership, we aim to make a tangible and positive impact on the world around us.

Working Towards A Sustainable Future

For our company, this collaboration signifies a transformative journey towards a more sustainable and resilient future. By leveraging the support and expertise provided by NEWANGLIA, we position ourselves at the forefront of sustainable innovation, enhancing our brand reputation and competitiveness in the marketplace. The partnership reflects our proactive approach to corporate responsibility, demonstrating to clients, stakeholders, and the wider community that Avena Environmental Ltd is dedicated to making a meaningful contribution to the fight against climate change. Together with NEWANGLIA, we embark on a journey that aligns profitability with environmental consciousness, fostering a legacy of responsible business practices.

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