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Secure Textile Destruction Case Study | Pick Everard

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About Pick Everard

At their core, Pick Everard are dedicated to building sustainable communities that foster a sense of safety, care, and worth for all individuals. Their approach revolves around cultivating a diverse and inclusive work environment, extending the warm embrace of hospitality to their employees, clients, and partners alike.

The Challenge

Pick Everard is a national multi-disciplinary consultancy working within the property, infrastructure and construction industry. For seven years they had been searching unsuccessfully for a company that could recycle their workwear in a way that would support their commitment to environmental sustainability.

The company had been adding redundant and out-of-date workwear to normal waste disposal streams or bulk waste removal. This wasn’t an ideal situation, as they knew that often the waste would go to landfill.

The Solution

As 2022 drew to a close, Pick Everard was approached by Avena Group with a presentation of their SecureBrand textile recycling service.

They listened intently as Avena explained how the system works, with regular collections of used workwear from the site and a 100% recycling process that leaves nothing to send to landfill. This exactly aligned with their environmental ethics and goals to become carbon neutral, so a contract was drawn up and agreed upon.

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The Result

With the workwear recycling process now in full operation, Pick Everard collects all end-of-life workwear from their 13 offices located across the UK at their head office, where it is stored in SecureBrand 240-litre secure bins awaiting collection. The regional offices now only store a few spare items of workwear for emergencies and no longer have cupboards filled with old, dirty and unused clothing.

With this full control over workwear disposal, they can also guarantee that no items are being disposed of irresponsibly, reducing the volume of waste going to landfills and optimising the opportunities for recycling.

“The new system with Avena was easy to set up, the Avena staff I dealt with were knowledgeable, efficient and processed my request very quickly. The collection operatives are polite and efficient, and the paperwork we receive goes to prove that the service they say they will provide is being provided. We are also using Avena for the disposal of other items in our head office due to office reconfigurations, I'm sure this too will be carried out in an efficient manner.”

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