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The solution for the disposal of our corporate uniforms has put a controlled system in place across all of our sites. We now have the assurance that the uniform is being destroyed to the high standards we would expect to protect our brand. This solution ensures that our uniforms are being recycled ethically and securely.
Each of our distribution centres have been kitted out with a SecureBrand console which can be filled with end-of-life branded workwear for onward sustainable disposal. Avena’s service ensures that no Martin Brower UK & Ireland items end up in landfill as we continue to work towards meeting our net zero targets.
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Save Time & Add Value

Correctly disposing of old or redundant branded workwear is vital when it comes to protecting your brand and following legislation.

Save 25%+ Against Handling Secure Data Destruction In House

Often we find that tasks or processes in business are required, but they're not helping your bottom line.

Avena's secure shredding solutions are designed to streamline existing processes and promote lean / agile workflows. We focus on getting things out of your way, so you can focus on tasks that matter.

We looked at the numbers, and global brands we're already working with save upwards of 25% when they partner with us to handle their confidential waste disposal needs - when compared to handling the same tasks internally.

Book a discovery call with the team and we'll work through exactly how much time and money you could be saving by partnering with Avena.

Helping You Help The Planet

At Avena, sustainability isn't a buzzword – it's our ethos. Each of our services provided to customers across the UK deliver tangible and demonstrable reductions in CO2 emissions, offering a seamless integration of environmental responsibility into your logistical operations. Whether it's our secure shredding and destruction services for documents, textiles, or electronic media, know that every step we take is meticulously calculated to minimise your carbon footprint.

By choosing Avena, you're choosing to partner with a trusted provider of secure disposal solutions and aligning your business with sustainable practices that resonate with today's conscientious consumers.


Sustainable Solutions

Each of our services has been built from the ground up with a focus on sustainable solutions to worldwide problems.


Display The Impact You've Had

Our Environmental Impact Statements can be used to demonstrate to potential customers and suppliers that you’re doing everything possible to lower your carbon footprint.

We Adhere To Regulations To Ensure You're Compliant

Each of Avena's solutions covering documents, textiles and IT media (known as WEEE Waste) come with complete destruction audit trails, so you're prepared for any and all regulatory enquiries.

As an additional service, we're also able to produce Environmental Impact Statements for your business, so you know exactly how much CO2 working alongside Avena has removed from entering the environment. In turn, this information can be communicated to shareholders, or used as part of your marketing efforts to demonstrate the positive impact your business has on the planet.

Elegant Solutions To Confidential Waste - Securing Your Brand

Avena's SecureBrand solution is a comprehensive textile recycling service designed from the ground up to seamlessly manage the disposal of branded uniforms, workwear, and clothing. Our process encompasses secure collection, transportation, and recycling of branded IP, ensuring that every item is handled securely from start to finish.

With a strong focus on sustainability, Avena repurpose redundant textiles and divert waste away from landfills. SecureBrand not only mitigates the logistical headache of disposing of dissused workwear but also contributes to a sustainable future for the industry.

Trust Avena to safeguard your brand identity and environmental integrity with SecureBrand.

Waste in Warehousing
Partnering with Avena means bootstrapping a secure route to destruction to your current operation. Our zero to landfill policy means your company is working towards improving the environment every step of the way.
Driver Security

Remove the possibility of fraud or misuse of your employee uniform by working alongside Avena to secure your brand and IP, avoiding possible regulation breaches and associated fines.


Uniform & Workwear Recycling

Correctly disposing of old or redundant branded workwear is vital when it comes to protecting your brand and following legislation.


Offer A Diamond Service With Minimal Effort

Instantly being able to solve your customers problems is a powerful value add, and will likely factor in to any decision making process.

Provide A Service They Can't Refuse.

In addition to showcasing your commitment to sustainable business practices and the environment, partnering with Avena will alow you to offer services to your customer base that were previously impractical or impossible.

We work alongside leading global logistics companies to provide secure and reliable solutions to problems their customers are facing today, such as managing and executing the secure destruction of externally warehoused goods that are no longer required, but aren't suitable for general waste.

Here are some of the items we help securely recycle on behalf of logistics and transport providers - need to add something to the list? Speak with an expert today.

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We’re offering a 20% discount on secure destruction services across the board when the material to be recycled is delivered to one of our recycling depots.

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securall document shredding

Secure Document Shredding

Schedule regular collections for personal and confidential waste documents – direct from your premises.

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securebrand textile destruction

Textile & Uniform Destruction

Arrange for end-of-life branded workwear, uniforms and printed textiles to be collected and securely destroyed by Avena within the UK.
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IT & Mobile Hardware Destruction

Collections of unused IT hardware and mobile devices to ensure complete destruction and promising zero recoverability of data.

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